Hey there! I’m Septimus, paleogeek. I’ve been very nearly in shape/healthy for a long while now. I’ve never completely let myself go to seed, but I’ve never really focused on my health for the long term, either. I’ve always been active, whether it be paintball, running, SCA fighting, fencing, racquetball, mud runs, LARPing (yes, really), lifting, jiu-jitsu, etc. it’s always intermittent, though. I’ll go to the gym once or twice a week for a few months and then fall off the wagon. I’ll run a few times a week for a few months and then get distracted or go on vacation or something. I like moving my body, but I don’t like paying attention to what I eat. So that has always been my bane. I’ve always had a bit of a belly and some love handles, even when lifting has gotten me pretty muscular. That’s annoying.

This is me a month ago, at a mud run called the Warrior Dash. This will serve as a before-ish picture. I think I’ve gotten a little worse since then, but it’s very close to how I look currently.

So this is my journey from fat to fit (hopefully) by doing a 30-day trial of the Paleo Diet, as learned from Robb Wolf‘s book, The Paleo Solution. Wish me luck!


Hey guys! Just wanted to post an update here. It’s currently mid-January 2012 and I’ve been doing my paleo gig for about 4 months now. I’m down over 30 pounds, I’ve lost 4-5″ off my waist, I’m sleeping better and feeling great overall. This has gone from a 30-day trial to a long-term lifestyle for me. I’m passionate about health and nutrition, specifically about getting good scientific information to people who haven’t heard anything but “high-carb/low-fat” before. I’ve had such great success with this, that I really just want to spread the good word. Here’s an updated, current pic:

I still have a ways to go, but I’m feeling pretty fantastic about my progress. Wasn’t so long ago I didn’t even like the idea of being shirtless in my parents’ pool with only family around, and now I’m posting topless pics on the internet. I guess that’s progress, in a “Spring Break” sort of way.

*Another Update*

It’s now mid-to-late February, and I’ve got more updates. Sitting at between 205-210 lbs depending on how good I am about my carbs, with a 14.1% body fat estimate on my Omron, a 34.5″ waist measurement (around the belly button) and a 12mm suprailiac pinch. I’m the leanest I’ve ever been, and I’m feeling great. This is an astonishingly easy way to eat long term. I’m not hungry, I still get treats sometimes (always gluten free), and I’m eating all of my favorite foods on a very regular basis. I don’t feel like I’m deprived at all, but I’m experiencing the best overall health of my life. That’s a good balance of effort to results, in my book. I’m also starting to lift weights more often, and in a more dedicated way. Just a few gym sessions so far, but I’m going to do my best to stick with it.

Those are the same pants from my update last month, now significantly looser. As I get closer to my goals, my progress is slowing down (which is totally natural. It’s easier to lose 5 pounds of fat when you have 40 pounds of fat to lose than when you only have 10) but I’m definitely still heading the right direction.

*Disclaimer* I’m not a doctor, or a nutritionist or a dietician or anything like that. I have no formal training in any of this stuff, I’m just a dude who likes to read and experiment. What I’ve been doing has been working very well for me, but I started out as a vaguely healthy young man. If you want to make significant life changes based on what you read on the internet, I applaud your boldness, but you should maybe also talk to your doctor. Just sayin’.


4 comments on “About

  1. Keep up the great work! I too am gluten free (and dairy free), and am feeling better than I ever have. Once you get the hang of it, you realize you can still eat some of your favorite foods. You are doing great, the results speak for themselves.

    • Septimus says:

      Thanks! It was a while back that I realized that I didn’t love flour, I loved the eggs and butter and everything else that went with it to make it into something tasty. Now that I know how my body works, I feel fine just eating the stuff I always liked, without needing to add the flour to it. I can’t complain!

  2. Holly says:

    “I’ve had such great success with this, that I really just want to spread the good word.” My thoughts exactly! Great work. Isn’t it cool?
    Nice blog theme, btw.

    • Septimus says:

      Thanks! I feel a bit like an infomercial every time I tell someone about it (“But wait, there’s more! You’ll not only get thin, you’ll have better skin, your hair will stop falling out and your poop will look better than ever!”) but I suppose that’s not all bad. The more people who we can tell, the more chances we have to fix the world, right?

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