New exercise plan, and loads of links

Hey everyone! Jeez, it’s been a while. Well there’s some fun new news and a load of links, as always.

First off, I successfully made some coconut ice cream. I’ll post pictures of the process soon, but I wanted to let you know that I used this recipe, and that it worked beautifully. Also worth noting: Spearmint essential oil is not the same thing as spearmint extract.  I have never tasted anything in my life so minty as the ice cream I made. That’s an error I won’t be repeating anytime soon, hopefully.

I also made some Thousand Island dressing with my homemade mayo and some non-homemade ketchup. I’ve got the goods to make my own ketchup now, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Still, it was easy, and delicious. Highly recommended.

I realized I hadn’t done a body comp update in a while, and I just found my Omron and all the rest of my self-quantifying equipment. I’m still running under 15% bodyfat (14.6-14.8%) according to the Omron, and still hanging out in the 207-210 weight range. Not too shabby, really. It’s not the leanest I’ve been, but it’s a really comfortable place for maintenance. I keep thinking that I should just dive into something more strict for 30 days and see how lean I can really get, but it’s pretty tough with an infant. I bet I could still do it, and I might, but probably not just yet. I’m also going to get started on a new exercise plan, and I’m pretty excited about that.

I finally finished reading Convict Conditioning, by Paul Wade. I think the book is much longer than it needs to be, but there’s some solid info in there for sure. What I really like is the extremely slow ramp-up to strength. I’ve always been big, and fairly strong in an objective sense, but I’ve never been strong enough to move my own body very well. So that’s the goal. I want to master my own bodyweight. I want to become technically proficient at the various calisthenic exercises, and I want to build myself a solid foundation of strong joints, and connective tissue. So there you go. I’m starting tomorrow, and I’ll be doing pushups and leg raises, and then doing squats and pullups on Monday. Wednesday I’m going to try to go do some sprint intervals, or at least hit my rowing machine for 15-20 minutes of intense intervals. It seems like a pretty simple workout regimen, and that’s exactly what I need right now. Also a bonus: Because it starts very slow, my wife is interested in trying it with me. We’ll have to see if we can sneak away from our baby for long enough to work out together, or if we’ll have to take turns.

How Much Control Should the Government Have Over Our Health? – I’d say not much.

The Straight Dope on Cholesterol, Part VII – This is truly a comprehensive series, and if you’re not reading it you’re missing out.

Early Gut Bacteria Regulate Happiness – It’s an animal study, but it seems likely to work similarly in humans. There are tons of serotonin receptors in the gut, which is part of why people call it the second brain. Keep it healthy, and you’ll be happier.

Is Microwaved Food Dangerous?: The Myths and the Facts – This is what I like to see. There’s a tendency in the whole ancestral, crunchy, hippie-dippy world to distrust modern food technology, even when there’s no cause for it. Microwaves are fine, as long as you use them correctly. I will say that I haven’t been microwaving my food in plastic as much, not because I’m especially worried about it leaching into my food, but because I think the microwaving has been damaging my plastic storage containers.

Why Our Food Is making Us Fat – Great article, talking about the obesity epidemic in britain. There’s a video version as well called “The Men Who Made Us Fat“.

A quick, cheap, accurate test for gluten intolerance – Wouldn’t that be something?

Red Bell Pepper Sandwich – Now there’s a great idea.

Is it time to retire the low-carb diet fad? – Bad science just keeps being bad, no matter how many times someone trots it out wearing a new hat.

Obesity, Food Politics and the Perils of Dietary Carbohydrate – This is a lecture given at a local hospital by my own primary care doc. Kinda cool, that.

Blueberry Dark Choco Chip Ice Cream – Given my success with the other ice cream, now I’ve got my eyes on more complicated versions. I’m thinking the next batch will be vanilla coconut milk ice cream with swirls of strawberry and chocolate chips. That sounds pretty freaking delicious. Cheap, too! I can make a pint of it for a couple of bucks, as opposed to the $5-6 it costs to get coconut milk ice cream from the store. And I’m using organic coconut milk, raw honey, organic fruit, and pastured eggs. It’s damn near health food!

Having a 4th of July BBQ? – Enter to win $130 of meat from US Wellness Meats!

Low-fat and No-fat dressing don’t get the most out of veggies – Fat helps us absorb nutrients from our veggies. That’s why I cook my veggies in fat, or coat them with fat. It’s because of the nutrients, not because it makes them delicious.

Produce Storage Tips – Super handy guide to storing your produce to maximize freshness.

Whew! Okay, there you go guys. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


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