Okay, gird your loins. I’ll wait.

Girded? Good.

Let’s get to it. I’ve got a lot to tell you guys about and I want to make sure I cover as much as possible. I’ve got a giant stack of links I’ve been wanting to share, and I’m going to power through them today.

But first, my own updates: First and foremost, I ran the Tough Mudder on Sunday. It was both tough and muddy. The course ended up being about 12 miles, and was significantly different from last year. I brought my adventure camera, hoping to get some video of the race, but the battery was dead and we couldn’t find any means to charge it. D’oh! In order to avoid such a catastrophe in the future, I ordered two new batteries, a wall charger and a car charger. That’ll show ’em. So unfortunately, I don’t have any video of my self running, and only a few pictures so far.

I’m hoping we’ll have some good ones as taken by the course staff. We had some last year that were awesome. Anyway, you can see that my friends were wearing Vibrams, while I was not. This is because I’ve worn my Vibrams to a couple of other mud runs before and they were not good. Mine are the KSO model, which has a relatively smooth bottom. I also got them in the now-defunct size 48, because the guy at REI told me I needed to have a little room in them and the 47 was a bit too small. Since the KSO is the only version that has ever had a 48, I felt like my options were limited. Anyway, they’re wonderful for running around my yard, mowing the lawn, going shopping, etc. They’re like my flip-flops that I can run in if I need to. For mud runs, what I really need to get are some of the TrekSports in a size 47. They’ll fit more closely to my foot so I won’t be as likely to slide around inside the shoe, and they have a thicker, grippier bottom so I’ll be less likely to slide around on the ground as well. Probably not as comfy for just cruising around, but I bet they’d be much better for the mud runs. We’ll see if I can talk myself into some of them, though.

Anyway, it’s two days later and I’m hurting. That was a heck of a course, and we really pushed ourselves this year. Last year I felt like I finished with a lot of gas in the tank, but this year I really felt like I didn’t leave anything on the course. I wanted to finish tired and I did. And it was awesome. I’ll post more pics as they become available.

Okay, now to links? Almost. I also wanted to tell you guys that I made this PaleOMG Cheesecake (minus the cheese) and it is amazing. I don’t know that it actually tastes like caramel or cheese cake, but it’s freaking delicious either way. It’s creamy and sweet and has a great texture and flavor. It was a bit of a stretch for me, since I’ve never actually tried to make anything like that before. I’ve made real cheesecakes, but never “make your own walnut meal to make a crust” kind of thing. I’m just glad I tried it, because it’s excellent. Only downside: Very expensive, at least the way I did it. it’s super rich, so it’ll feed a lot of people or last a long time or whatever, but definitely not cheap if you’re using quality ingredients.

Also, I was talking with my friend Jordan (the guy on the right in the pic above” and he said that he’d been regaining a lot of the weight he’d lost and was having some digestive problems, too. Weird, because he was one of my first friends to go gluten free and had done a great job sticking with it. Turns out, he’d been eating the same corn tortilla chips I had been, and had been making himself granola using the gluten-free oats from Bob’s Red Mill that I used in my oatmeal cookies. Crazy thing: When I was eating those chips, I was gaining weight and feeling kinda crappy. When I ate too many of those oatmeal cookies, I felt sick. So even though they’re all labeled gluten free, there’s definitely something going on in there that’s affecting both of us precisely the same way. I thought that gluten was my issue, but that I tolerated corn well, and that a few gluten free oats couldn’t hurt me, but I was wrong. I’m glad I talked to him, because it confirmed for both of us that we were having reactions to things we had thought were at least pretty safe, if not ideal. So now I’m off the chips, at least a regular deal, and will only eat them rarely instead of 4-5 times per week. The oatmeal cookies I shouldn’t have been eating anyway, but if I do make them again I’ll do a half batch and limit myself to one a day until they’re gone. Or make them when we have people coming over so I don’t have to jump on that delicious grenade all by my lonesome.

Okay, now links. For realsies.

Homemade coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut butter – That’s a good idea.

Carnivore Digestive System – This. This all the ways.

Long-distance running and evolution – I keep reading this stuff and thinking about it. Eventually, I’ll probably have to do a full post just on this, but for now I’ll keep linking to anything I find on the subject.

Maple Bacon – There’s nothing bad about this.

Crispy Primal Lasagna Bites – Dude. How freaking amazing do these sound/look?

A Physician’s Whole 30 Experience – I keep reading updates from the Whole 30 folks, or hearing other people talk about their own Whole30, and I have to admit it sounds pretty good. Going pure, clean and whole for 30 days? Just sounds kinda nice, honestly. I mean, I do pretty well, but I’m not that good by a fair stretch. And I’m sure that a lot of what few remaining problems I have stem from those areas where I’m still not on track. Anyway, this is a great writeup of it by an MD who had previously been paleo, but not quite so strict as Whole30 calls for.

Only Paleo App – Great idea! Look up foods to see if they’re paleo-approved. If you’ve got a problem, yo I’ll solve it. With this handy smartphone application.

Fat might be the sixth basic taste – I know I can taste it. And it tastes good.

The paleo diet moves from the gym to the doctor’s office – More docs looking at things from an evolutionary perspective? I don’t think it’s a bad thing. The doc in the article who is concerned that the science isn’t settled yet, and about regional variability in genomes is kind of missing the point. One of the biggest aspects of the paleo concept is self-experimentation. Spend 30 days trying different things and see how you feel. If your genome supports limited rice consumption without you feeling sick or getting fat, then you eat your rice. If your genome seems to indicate that you’re better off being closer to ketogenic, basedo n how you look, feel and perform, then you do that. Paleo, once you get into it at all, is rarely prescriptive. It’s more about learning enough to take control of your own health than it is about someone telling you not to eat certain things. At first? yeah, someone’s telling you. Once you try it, your body is telling you. And that should be enough. It’s certainly more confirmation than most of us got to follow the SAD.

Wildfires rage at new Mexican organic meetings – Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms posted this article as a reason why he doesn’t participate in the USDA organic program. I can’t say I blame him. It’s also got me leaning away from Organic Valley and more towards Kalona for my butter and cream.

Paleo in Woman’s World – Hitting the mainstream! That’s good news. Hopefully this reaches some folks who otherwise wouldn’t have heard about it. That’s really what it’s all about, right? Helping people, bringing folks together, curing disease, and bacon.

Decoding Labels: Green & Black Organic Hot Chocolate – I love Green & Black’s, no lie. I eat their 85% dark chocolate on a regular basis, and it’s delicious. However, it’s one of the only varieties that doesn’t have soy in it. So if you want some great chocolate without the soy, G&B’s 85% is a good way to go. Their cocoa mix sounds like it’s one to skip, as are many of their other, less-dark options. Enjoy Life makes a great soy-free, grain-free, dairy-free, nut-free chocolate if you require your chocolate to be squeaky clean. Tasty, too.

Bill O’Reilly credits no-wheat diet to his weight loss – It should be “Bill O’Reilly credits weight loss to his no-wheat diet,” but I digress. I think it’s great that O’Reilly is sharing his success with a wheat-free diet, and hopefully his message reaches some folks. The wheat farmer in this piece is ridiculous, though. yes, if everyone stopped eating wheat, you’d be out of work. If everyone stopped smoking, the tobacco farmer would be out of work, too. Is that a good reason to encourage/subsidize people to keep smoking? No. Also, the dietitian at the end makes me want to rip my hair out. You hear this argument all the time. “You cut wheat, so now you’re not eating those calories and that’s why you’re losing weight.” That’s brilliant. So if I decided to cut fresh fruits and vegetables out of my diet, I’d lose weight because I’d be removing those options for myself? If I decided to start myself on a “eat as much of cheeseburgers and chocolate cake as you want” diet, I’d lose weight because I’d cut myself off from all those other options? Maybe, just maybe, this is a small factor. If you severely limit the foods you’re going to eat, you might get sick of them and then decide not to eat as much. But cutting wheat isn’t severely restricting your diet. Do you know how many foods in this world aren’t wheat? All of them but one. So you still have more than enough variety to keep yourself hungry, don’t worry. Also,this dietitian is completely ignoring the different hormonal effects of various foods. Are we still convinced that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie in free-living people? We think that all foods satisfy hunger in the same way, for the same length of time? We think that people won’t eat if they feel hungry, regardless of what limitations you put on their dietary choices? GAH. Anyway, I’ll stop.

The DIY Gym – I think I might have to make/find some of these. Sounds like fun!

All done for now. I still have some more, but this seems like plenty for the time being, and we put a dent in my stockpile. Thanks for reading, all!


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