Back in the saddle

For the purposes of this blog post, saddles are office chairs now. I’m back at work! It was a good two weeks to spend with my wife and baby, but I have to win bread and bring home bacon so we can pay our bills with bacon sandwiches. I would really rather be home, even though home is a much more poop-and-yelling sort of environment these days. I don’t mind poop-and-yelling so much when they’re coming from my tiny boy.

This is what life has looked like for the past two weeks, incidentally:

Fatherhood is reading something manly by Edgar Rice Burroughs to your baby boy with one hand and trying to keep the dog entertained with the other, all without a shirt because it’s much easier to wipe baby-hork off of your bare chest than to change shirts 5 times a day.

Anyway, I’m back into my semi-normal routine now, which means there’s a lot of reading and writing going on. What else is going on? I’m glad I asked. I got up this morning at something like 4:30 to change diaper and jammies on a thoroughly damp baby, and wasn’t really able to get back to sleep afterward. I figured I’d take advantage and go get some running in, so I went and did a quick mile of sprintervals. I’m running a 10K on Monday called the Bolder Boulder, and I haven’t done any real training for it. I’m thinking I might go do 3 miles at a reasonably steady pace on Wednesday, then another sprint day on Friday. We’ll see how well my plans conform to reality, but I’m at least going to try.

My food has been improving over the weekend. There are still a few too many sweet treats, but I’ve reduced my pudding consumption considerably, and have gotten back to making great wads of meat and veggies for most meals. Incidentally, this is one of the best things we’ve bought recently: Nordicware Vegetable Steamer Our microwave has a “Steam” setting, and the manual recommends this container for maximum effectiveness. I had been using the Glad Simply Steam bags, but that always felt so wasteful. I’m glad to have gotten a good-sized, reusable steamer. The broccoli that comes out of this thing is perfect every time, and that’s exactly what I wanted. I love me some broccoli with butter, but I kept cooking it incompletely, and then I’d end up with half a mouthful of raw broccoli or something. Not the end of the world, but I really prefer the texture of steamed. So now, I can get that consistent result without having to throw away some packaging every time. Booyah.

Also, I know I mentioned the paleo mayo I made the other day. I finally had a chance to eat some in reasonable quantity and it was pretty darned good. I mixed it with some Wild Planet tuna and then ate is as a dip with some Kettle chips. Not the most paleo snack ever devised, obviously, but it was a fair test of the mayo and I really wanted some chips. Next thing I want to try is to make some deviled eggs with it. I think that could be really good. Here are some things I learned so far from my first batch: First off, I use too much oil. Seemingly every time. I should stop when it first comes together and starts looking like mayo. If I keep adding, trying to get the right viscosity in the blender, it ends up with an oily mouthfeel. Also, since this is stored in the fridge, it will set up a bit more once it’s cold, even if you just use olive oil. If you also use bacon fat, it will set up even more. So, because I overused the oil, and also added a load of bacon fat, my mayo is pretty darn thick from the fridge. It tastes good, and only slightly bacon-flavored, but the texture is a bit off. Not at all an issue in tuna salad, and probably not in the eggs either, but if I were trying to use it as a base for a salad dressing it might not work very well. Since I want to get good enough at making mayo that I can whip up a batch for various purposes without too much fanfare, this means I will need to do a little more experimenting. Once I get it figured out pretty well, I’ll post a recipe with pictures. I just wanted to give you all a little taste, as it were.


The Benefits of Fermented Food: Introduction – I know I’ve mentioned several times that I want to get some fermented foods into my diet. It’s a whole food probiotic, so it’s good on all the levels. I know that I have probably done huge damage to my gut throughout my lifetime of bad food choices, so if I can find new ways to add more healthy flora into my insides, I’m on board.

We Want Paleo – This is a great idea. Put in your email address and your ZIP code and the folks running the site will start looking for pockets of paleo power. When they find an area with a significant concentration of paleo enthusiasts, they’ll use the list sort of like a petition, showing local businesses that there is a market for paleo foods, and hopefully inspiring them to start making paleo-friendly offerings. I’ve noticed an explosion in the number of gluten-free offerings available at restaurants and groceries in my area, due to the increased demand. I know that many butcher shops (or meat departments within larger groceries) are offering grassfed beef now because of increases in demand, WholeFoods especially. Having an organization that is looking for areas primed to go paleo, and then making inroads with potentially-friendly businesses is just genius.

Nutrient Loaded Butter Frosting – I can get behind this idea. If you’re going to kick your heels up and have some cake, why not make the cake as nutrient-dense as possible? I’m not talking kale cookies here, I’m saying that if you’re going to make a real for reals cake (still gluten free, but sugar-full) for a special occasion, you might as well jam-pack that baby with some omega 3s and CLA, right? Right.

The Joel Salatin Interview – Joel Salatin is the man behind Polyface Farms, and you know just how hard I love them. In this interview, Joel gives me a massive brain-on by talking about how agriculture can work for America without gov’t subsidies. He also addresses some of his detractors, and absolutely demolishes their arguments with his intelligent, rational, agricultural eloquence. I think I love him.

Is the Paleo Diet Sustainable? – Robb Wolf goes after the environmental argument against paleo, mostly coming from vegans who claim that meat consumption will kill the planet. He makes a great case, and cements my everlasting fanboy status.

Why the Campaign to Stop America’s Obesity Crisis Keep Failing – Taubes being Taubes. ‘Nuff said.

Okay all, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!



3 comments on “Back in the saddle

  1. flamidwyfe says:

    Great links, as usual!

    I love that you’re bare chested sitting with the baby… Good for skin to skin contact. You’d get even more if you wore the baby in something like the One of my favorite wraps! Then you’d be completely hands free and the baby would be snugly happy 🙂

    Good luck with the 10K!

    • Septimus says:

      Thanks so much! My wife has been trying to get him used to the K’tan, which is very similar to the Mounawrap, but dude just doesn’t seem like he’s on board. Newborns are supposed to like being bundled, but he seems way happier when he’s all stretched out. It’s super cute, but not at all what we were expecting from him. Babies be unpredictable, I guess?

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