More links, because links are what I do best

Some links, you say? Happy to help.

Okay, let’s get to it.

You need these sites: and They’re a great way to find local sources for quality foods.

Through them, I found these two: Touchstone Angus and Lasater Grasslands Beef, which are both 100% grassfed beef sources in CO, pretty close to where I live. I think I mentioned before that the place we had been getting our beef from finishes their beef on corn and flax, instead of finishing on grass. They seem like great folks and the beef is certainly delicious, but I want to go 100% grassfed with our future purchases. We still have a ton in our freezer so we won’t be buying anything any time soon, I don’t think, but when we do, these two are going to be at the top of my list to check out.

Okay, then there’s this guest post by Chris Kresser on Mark’s Daily Apple: 5 Primal Superfoods for Fertility and Pregnancy I’m turning into such a Chris Kresser fanboy, I won’t lie. Anyway, these are things he advises specifically for fertility and pregnancy, but I think they’re solid choices for all people all the time. I already eat quite a few egg yolks (average two a day, I think), and I try to get some good quality pastured dairy (cheese, butter, cream and yogurt, I don’t really drink much milk) on a regular basis. The other things I know I should be better about. I don’t eat enough fish, I don’t supplement with cod liver oil and I don’t eat liver. I actually did buy some liver from VC the other day, though. 100% grassfed and it’s like $3/lb, I think. Crazy cheap for how nutrient dense it is. My wife is not excited about it, so I haven’t actually done anything with it yet, but I’m going to figure something out. It’s one of those things that I know I should be eating like once a week and I’m actually eating not at all. Fish I should be eating 2-3 times per week and I’m actually eating maybe 2-3 times per month. That’s not ideal, either. We’re definitely looking to get some cod liver oil into our lives, though. We want to get the stuff from Green Pasture, since that’s supposed to be the best, with all the good still intact. They also have a butter oil/cod liver oil blend, but what sort of madman has to supplement butter? If you need more butter in your life, you just eat butter. It’s really delicious, I promise. Also, the CLO-only capsules are about half the price of the blend, which I like.

Sleep Duration and BMI in twins – Yeah, sleeping helps keep you lean. It’s science.

Never Leave the Playground – I love this man.

Is eating fish safe? – This is another really important piece by Mr. Kresser. So many people worry about the mercury content of seafood that they just go without, but that’s just bad news. There’s so much good stuff in seafood that we’re really much better off eating it than not eating it, and Chris will tell you why.

Majority of clinical trials don’t provide meaningful evidence – This is sort of disheartening, but it’s better to be aware of it so we can fix it. Science works marvelously if we do it right, but it seems like it doing it right less and less often these days.

Okay, that’s all for today. Thanks for reading!


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