Didn’t mean to go so long between posts, folks. We’re really just on BabyWatch 2012 at our house, and I’m nesting enough for both of us, so things are a little hectic. I’m also trying very hard to get everything set at work so they can manage without me for a few weeks once the baby gets here.

Anyway, things have been pretty quiet on the homefront. I’m trying to keep the fridge stocked with foods that will last a few days, and to cruise through anything that’s likely to go pear-shaped on us if we have to roll out. So last night, I browned some ground beef from our stash I’d thawed out a few days back. I picked up some taco seasoning from the same company that makes the French Onion soup mix we like to use for dip when we have friends over. They’re both gluten-free, which is surprisingly hard to find in pre-made seasoning packets. I’d like to do more of my own scratch-made seasoning things but it’s also nice having some I can just throw together and know they’ll be good every time without relying on me to measure stuff during the cooking process. Unless it’s “add one package of this to one package of that, then stir” I get a bit lost. Anyway, I made some taco meat and made a big dang plate of nachos for my wife and I. She’s not normally into them, but the meat made the whole house smell pretty divine, so she was enticed. For chips and cheese, I go with the Costco organic tortilla chips and either Organic Valley or Rumiano’s grassfed cheeses. Rumiano’s is a newer brand that VC started carrying, and they had them on a great sale so I picked up a ton and stocked our freezer.

I know what you’re thinking. Nachos? That’s not even vaguely paleo. And it isn’t. But it’s one of my comfort foods, and I try to do it with the best ingredients I can, at least. Sometimes, I’ll feel kind of sick after eating them, especially if it’s a big batch. But other times, they give me no trouble. Here’s what I’ve determined. A few times recently, when they’ve made me feel sick, it was when I was going through some of our remaining Tillamook cheddar, which isn’t grassfed by any means. I can do a little of that stuff, but not very much. I think it’s all gone now, so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. The driving force behind my sometimes eating things I shouldn’t is that I have this thing where I hate to waste food. I have a bunch of crackers and girl scout cookies in my basement, and I just can’t bring myself to throw them away. I’m never going to eat them, unless the zombies rise and it’s all I have left. But still, I can’t get rid of it. And since we buy things in bulk, I still have some of my “pre-paleo” foods around that I’ll try to get through just because I don’t like feeling like I’m wasting it. Most of them follow my rule of “don’t make me feel like butts” but with the conventional cheese, I can push it a little and end up in Buttsville. I’m pretty sure that’s all gone now, though, so all my cheese from here on out will be the good stuff that I can eat my the truckload without feeling sick.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, foods. I eat them. It works for me.

Now to the links!

Pankoconut Fish Sticks – I like the wordplay in the title, and something crunchy-breaded does sound pretty tasty. I think this could make for some extremely tasty shrimp, for sure.

An Apple a Day Does Not Keep the Doctor Away – This is a cool piece by Zoe Harcombe about a lot of the bad science, bad recommendations and unfounded food myths that dominate the landscape. I’ve been curious about the role of insoluble fiber in digestive health of late, and it seems that it was with good reason. I’ll have to keep reading on that, for sure.

Dirt: A Paleo Superfood? – This is Chris Kresser’s take on the hygiene hypothesis. I think playing in the dirt is important for all of us, kids and adults alike.

Breastfeeding linked to healthy infant gut – Yeah, it is.

That’s all, my friends. Talk to you soon, and thanks for reading!


2 comments on “Gah!

  1. Katina says:

    An apple a day does not keep the doctor away. it keeps the dentist away. duh.

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