I was run-ning!

That’s supposed to be Forrest Gump, in case my “speech-to-text” isn’t so hot. Anyway, I went running this morning for the first time in a long time. I know this because my HRM strap was still set to “El Gordo” and my profile on my Garmin still said 247lbs. So, probably 6 months since I went for a real, dedicated run? Anyway, it was really nice. I ran sprint intervals on the mile loop near my house, and peaked my heart rate at 236 BPM (I know, right?) and my speed at 16.7 MPH. I think that’s fast. Maybe that’s not fast to most people, but it seems fast to me. I’m going to keep improving, too, I’m sure. I had such a good time, and it was a real quick trip (maybe 15 minutes start to finish including warm up and cool down?) so I think I can sneak that in more often.

Now, for a billion links, because it’s been a busy day.

Chocolate ‘may help people slim’ (not)! – Zoe Harcombe goes after another bad observational study and the even worse reporting that often goes along with them. These links, correlations and associations are interesting observations on which to base experimental science, not conclusions in themselves, and everyone who is writing and reading these things needs to be well aware of that.

Which fats you should eat, how and why and how to buy olive oil – I like this breakdown of the different fats, why each one is the way it is and what you should do about them. Also, good info on what the differences are in olive oils.

Spaghetti and Meatball Bites – These look really tasty and fun. I love to dip things. I also love when I can turn a big thing into a small, snackable thing. Partially because that often involves dipping.

Fat-Burning Man podcast interview with Robb Wolf – This is a cool interview with Robb Wolf. I haven’t heard of this guy’s podcast before but I like him, and I think he might go into my regular listening rotation.

Okay, that’ll do for now. Super short post, I know, but sometimes I let you off easy. Go do something productive with your time. Pet a kitty, maybe.


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