Just another link day

Just popping in real quickly to share some more links, as is my custom. Enjoy!

Mom vs Fast Food – I’m not sure on this one. I think it’s an intriguing idea, for sure, but I’m not sure if I buy that it was the trashing of the happy meal that was the pivotal event for the kids. I tend to think that growing up their whole lives in a house where real food, nutrition, and quality were valued probably had a larger influence. But hey, it probably can’t hurt, right? And I know there’s a lot to be said for powerful, symbolic gestures early in life. That sort of thing really can stick with a person and influence their thinking long term. So like I said, I’m not sure. I don’t think that’s it’s exceptionally wasteful of food or money, either. I waste more than $4 per day on far less important things than teaching my children valuable lessons about health. And really, the best place for that food is in the trash. So I don’t think those are great arguments against the idea, but I’m just not sure that I believe it is uniquely effective. Anyway, watch it and decide for yourself.

Egg Drop Soup – This looks and sounds amazing. We’re very nearly back to having a functional kitchen again so I can actually try making some of these sweet recipes I’ve been finding. I love soup and my wife does too, o finding a few more great soup recipes would be awesome.

Chocolate Bacon Bites – These also sound amazing. We have a shiny new double oven, and I’m thinking I might have to try some of the grain-free baking recipes I’ve amassed very soon. I love to have people over and cook for them, and it’s been hurting my soul not to be able to do that for so long.

The Russian Literature Paradox – This is one of my favorite Robb Wolf-isms. He always talks about how if you were in a room full of people and someone asked the group’s opinion on mid-18th century Russian literature, nobody would offer an opinion because none of them would have studied it (Except that one guy. There’s always one.). However, when you ask a group of people for their opinion on nutrition or paleoanthropology, everyone trips over themselves in the rush to tell you what they think, even though they’ve spent no more time studying diet, physiology, the history of nutritional science or anthropology than they have the Russian literature. So anyway, that’s the paradox. This article is one of the best I’ve read in a long time. He really nails a lot of the things that have been frustrating me about the same issues, but explains it in a way that I haven’t been able to do adequately. Essentially, Mr. Kaplan says that even the people who are supposedly trained in nutritional science don’t get the historical or scientific background that would be expected of other scientific endeavors.  Robb has mentioned this same issue in his podcast, and it’s something I’ve experienced as well. Anyway, it’s a great read and very informative. I think you’ll like it.

That’s it, folks. Short and sweet today. Thanks for reading!


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