Monday links! (Posted Tuesday because of lame)

Hey guys! I’ve been slacking a bit on my posting. I’ve still been eating and reading and all, just haven’t been writing. I’m going to try to fix that this week, so gird your loins and prepare for…whatever it is that one girds his or her loins in preparation for. Loin taming? No idea. Okay, here are some links.

Obese moms may be more likely to have autistic child, study suggests – Article may be based on observational study, title suggests. Clearly not conclusive, but it’s an interesting idea. I think there’s definitely something to the insulin/hyperglycemia angle, for sure. I really hope someone kicks up the heat on this and does some more controlled studies to ferret his out. Autism is so scary because we don’t know what causes it. Can you imagine how terrifying infections would be if we not only didn’t know what caused them, but if the medical establishment didn’t even have a good guess? This isn’t like heart disease, where the establishment has an idea that’s wrong, this is one where it’s a major issue for a person’s entire life and we don’t even have a consensus guess.

Stop Being Full of Shit When You Celebrate Strong – This is a cool article. I’m not part of the Crossfit community ($125/mo for just me for a gym membership? I could have muscles surgically implanted for less than that) but I can appreciate a lot of what they do, and I’ve been a fan of the concept for 5-6 years now. Anyway, I try to keep up with some of the Crossfit stuff as well as a lot of the other “Eat Fat, Get Fit” and “Strong is the new skinny” type pages on FB because they occasionally post some cool articles or recipes or whatever. I’ve noticed the same phenomenon that this article is talking about, where they all praise function over form, but post pictures of skinny, muscular, scantily-clad chicks all the time. I’m sure that’s motivating to someone who wants to look like that, but there’s definitely some cognitive dissonance. If strong is the new skinny, why only post pictures of skinny, even if that skinny is strong? Anyway, just thought this might speak to some of my readers.

*Okay, this is where WordPress ate the rest of my 1000-word+ entry, so I’m just going to wing it. I don’t remember what I wrote but I’m sure it was brilliant and sexy, so you’re totally missing out.*

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, March 2002, Vol. 56, Supplement 1 – This is a cool deal right here. This is a whole mess of articles talking about red meat and cancer and how the links are far weaker than advertised. There’s some other cool stuff, too. Just a fun collection of pieces that are all on board the “Eat meat” train.

The happy wheat-free intestine – This is another piece from Dr. Davis, this one about why some people may experience some digestive distress when switching away from grains. I didn’t have this problem at all (I felt better than ever) but it’s probably worth sharing anyway. Gut health is super important for overall health, but you may not be able to fully recover from years of bad diet without a little help.

Is saturated fat good for you? – A quick news piece from Australia. What I found most telling is the person they brought on as the anti-fat personality. If you listen to her arguments, they are almost all appeals to authority. She’s saying “The heart association says it’s bad, and if it weren’t bad, they wouldn’t be saying that.” It’s painfully flawed logic. Anyway, I like that the pro-fat movement is getting much more traction and visibility in the mainstream. That’s definitely a nice trend.

80 Uses for Coconut Oil – This is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve been using coconut oil on my feet in the mornings to help minimize rubbing, since I’m been wearing a new pair of boots. No blisters, and my feet feel amazingly good all day long.

Gluten Free Cheese Buns – These are the same gluten-free cheese buns we get at Texas de Brazil, and they’re really tasty. I like them because the recipe is actually designed for tapioca starch from the beginning, so you don’t get any funky flavors or weird textures. I think I might have to make some of these to use as tiny slider buns for my tuna salad. That would be kind of amazing.

Illustrated History of Heart Disease – I like this breakdown. Lots of good tidbits of information and good comparisons of diets from 100 years ago and the rates of so-called “lifestyle diseases” as compared to today.

Paleo Women are Phat – I like this piece as well. Health, happiness, and the ability to do the things you want to do are the real values we should be chasing. If you can do all of that and have abs too, more power to you. But I think this article makes a great case for women especially to be okay with a little extra meat on their bones. I’ve seen multiple articles citing surveys that indicate that most men like their women a little thicker anyway, so why are women so concerned with getting crazy lean? Probably something about society or culture, I’d wager. But I don’t know about those things, so I won’t try to explain.

Woo! That’s a lot of links. Okay, we’re good for today. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


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