More on Meat, and Links

Dr. Attia jumps into the red meat fray with this piece, which I really enjoyed. He didn’t go after this study specifically, but discussed nutritional epidemiology more generally. It’s a good read, and makes some solid points.

Robb Wolf posted a response to a Twitter question today, specifically about this report: Red Meat Halves Risk of Depression He points out to the asker that it’s still an observational study, and doesn’t prove anything, which I think is awesome of him. I respect Robb for being consistent. Even when it supports our position, observational science still isn’t proving cause and effect. Important to remember.

Cheater’s Brined Turkey Legs– This sounds awesome. Turkey legs brined in pickle juice? My wife is a pickle fiend even when she isn’t pregnant, so we always have pickles and their associated juice in the house. These will be a great way to make use of that juice rather than just tossing it.

Wheat Belly Busted – This is another interesting piece. It’s a review of Wheat Belly, which I just started reading. Sounds like Dr. Davis might be playing a little fast and loose with his interpretations of some of the studies he cites. As the reviewer writes, it’s a disservice to all of us. There are plenty of great reasons not to eat grains (especially wheat), so we don’t need to fudge the data. I don’t think this means that Dr. Davis doesn’t have anything to say on the subject. His points about the rapid, unnatural changes in the wheat plant over the past 50 years are still very valid. The problem is that he tried to carve a niche out for himself, where a niche didn’t need to be. He wanted to blame wheat specifically, and almost entirely, for the health problems we’re experiencing. That’s just not the case, but it does sell a lot of books I guess. So I’m not tossing his book, but I’ll be taking it with an even larger grain of salt than I usually do with these things. I think he’s added something to the conversation in pointing out the changes to wheat that have happened recently, and I think his ideas can be incorporated into the paleo movement as a whole.

Can that be it? Maybe so! But not quite. I wanted to bring up my stats again, since I completely neglected to do so last week. I’m currently around 210, with 14.0% body fat. That puts me at 180.6 lbs of lean mass, up from 178.4 at last check. I am personally guaranteeing that there’s some variation in there from water and all, but I feel stronger, and I look a little bigger. It’s amazing how much easier it is to see muscular gains when there isn’t so much chub on the surface. The awesome thing about all this is that my body seems to be pretty resilient. I’ve been making more than a few poor food choices, either out of convenience or just because I’ve had them around. I’m not leaning out like I want, but I’m also not gaining much fat. Maybe a touch? My calculations point to less than a pound of increased fat, but I’m willing to chalk that up to transient storage or error. I’m getting familiar enough with how my body looks and feels to be able to notice the changes when they do happen, and everything is still going my way. I’ve settled back into a lifestyle I can live with long term, and I’m really happy with my results. I’m never satisfied, so I’ll probably try to lean down more whenever the mood strikes me, but I can live with 14% body fat and a non-neurotic diet.

Okay, that’s it. Thanks for reading!


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