Very quick post, mostly links

Hey guys, just found a screaming deal on Coconut oil I wanted to share with you. My friend Coral posted it on Facebook, and it’s easily the best price on coconut oil I’ve ever seen.

Use this link to get yourself a “$10 off any order of $20 or more” coupon

Add the jar of coconut oil to your cart.

Then you can apply your discount. You should get the 54-oz jar for $10.99 including shipping!

So that’s cool, obviously, but I have some more cool links for you as well. Here goes.

Paleo Solution Podcast – The latest one includes a question from yours truly (as “PaleoGeek). I feel so famous.

Wheat Belly Review – This is an anti-breast cancer blog (Are there any pro-breast cancer blogs? I can’t imagine they’d be very popular.) where the author has posted a short review of Wheat Belly. She mentions that she doesn’t have the astronomical weight loss that she expects from cutting out wheat (no mention of what her diet did contain, just that it didn’t contain wheat) but she lists a bunch of other positive results. So that’s cool. Reading this book is also what finally got one of my coworkers to take the plunge and go wheat free, though he still insists upon getting his protein from some kind of wacky sprouted grain powder stuff. I’ll keep working with him, though.

Why Paleo? – A great introductory post with a ton of links to sources from Paleo Pregnancy.

Kefir: The Not-Quite-Paleo Superfood – Chris Kresser is a really sharp dude, one I don’t know that I’ve mentioned here before. He’s an eastern medicine guy, but he gets a lot of respect from even the most sciencey of the paleo folks, so you can rest assured that he knows his stuff. His opinions are always well-researched and well-reasoned, and I’m starting to read and listen to him more often because I just like what he has to say. So anyway, here’s his post on Kefir. I’ve seen it and heard good things, but hadn’t really heard all the cool stuff it can do before. Since I’m sort of “Lacto Primal” or whatever you want to call it, I’m not afraid of a little dairy now and again. If kefir can do all this awesome stuff, it’s at least worth a try.

Okay, that’s it for now. As you can probably tell, most of my day was spent reading and listening to stuff, so i didn’t have time for a depthier post. I’ll try harder tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


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