Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays

Not really. I actually had an awesome weekend. I ate all the food. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse on Thursday night, then a non-Brazilian, but still quite fancy steakhouse for lunch on Friday, then another really nice restaurant for dinner Friday night, then had our baby shower (with omelets and gluten-free pancakes prepared by our wonderful host and hostess) and then went to said hostess’ birthday dinner at another great restaurant that evening. It was epic. Seriously.

Denver has something called Denver Restaurant Week (also known as 5280 week), where a bunch of restaurants in Denver and the surrounding areas will have a special menu available for a special price. It’s $26.40 per person or $52.80 per couple. That may still sound like a fair bit of money, but these restaurants are often normally in the $40-50 per person range. Most places involve an appetizer, an entree and a dessert, sometimes with the apptizer and dessert being shared, sometimes not. It’s usually a lot of really excellent food. So it’s a screaming deal if you can get in on it. It’s also a fantastic time to try out all the fancy restaurants to see if you like them enough to pay full price for a special occasion or whatever. Anyway, it’s awesome, and since my in-laws were in town this weekend, we took full advantage.

So that was my food. It was a lot. I ate like an absolute glutton. Dionysus called and said “Hey, simmer down.” So that was nice. But I still managed not to gain 500 pounds like I probably should have. In fact, I don’t think I gained much of anything. I ate plenty of sugar (and even had some shirley temples. They’re my “I’m at a fancy restaurant and I’m gonna get nuts” drink of choice. Because I’m secretly a 7-year old girl.) but I also managed to walk a bit (took a very long walk with the dog on Sunday morning) and still did a lot of running up and down stairs and carrying things around and all. I have to say, I’m loving how resilient my body is turning out to be. I’m not going to do this all the time (obviously) but it’s nice to know I can have a weekend of excess without losing all the progress I’d made. If anything, I’m still noticing new and positive changes to my body.

I’m still constantly poking and prodding at my midsection because that just doesn’t get old, but I’ve also noticed (as has my wife) that my other muscles are also feeling harder. I think I had a fair amount of intramuscular fat the last time I put on muscle, so even when my muscles got larger, they never really felt all that firm. But now, I think I’ve gotten rid of a lot of my marbling, and my muscles feel much harder when I flex them. That’s cool. Honestly, everything is just going well, body-wise. I feel great and I’m looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. I had at least a couple people at our baby shower ask me where the rest of me was. It’s so easy to forget that just a few short months ago, I was carrying an extra 30-some pounds of dude around. That’s just so much weight, it’s hard to visualize. It’s like 150 sticks of butter. It’s like two large Thanksgiving turkeys. It’s like 2.5 bowling balls. And I was just hauling that around all the time. No wonder I felt so tired and lethargic. Life was just exhausting! Anyway, that’s that.

You may notice I don’t have a Monday weight in and all today. I decided to start doing my weigh-ins on Friday, after I’ve been doing pretty well all week, rather than on Mondays after I’ve been a slob for three days. Fair enough? So on Friday, expect an update. The last time I checked myself was Thursday night before dinner and I was at 207 lbs and 13.8% body fat. At least i think that’s what it was. It was the lowest it has ever been, I remember that. This weekend may have set me back, so I’m going to try to be extra good this week to get back on track. I’m walking, doing my bodyweight exercises and I think I’ll lift and maybe do some yoga once or twice in the evening this week.

That’s about it for my own stuff. Now for links!

Shifting opinion on healthy eating fuels feeding frenzy – I can absolutely understand where this guy is coming from. I had very much the same thoughts about diet back in the day. Every time a study showed up in the news praising or damning some food or activity, I’d wonder whether this time they really had the right of it. Since learning a lot more about biology and nutrition (still not a ton, but more than I did) I’m now a lot more comfortable partially or totally discounting these articles based on the studies they’re based on. Having a stronger foundation in scientific thinking really empowers me to feel like I don’t just have to accept this stuff as gospel anymore.

The List – This is a handy list about which fruits and vegetables are most likely to have nasty junk used on them. If your budget requires you to triage your organic purchases, this can be extremely helpful to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

JB’s Viewpoint on Paleo Desserts – This is an awesome explanation of a viewpoint on desserts that’s very similar to my own (my behavior this weekend notwithstanding). I don’t feel like I need to avoid all sugar for the rest of my life, but when possible, I like to get it in a way that’s at least partially good.

This is why we do what we do – A story from a viewer of Tom naughton’s Fat Head. This is a powerful piece, and goes to show how much damage can be done to real people by bad dietary advice. There’s so much pain in the world, and if even a little of it can be alleviated by eating right, getting some exercise, getting some sun, and sleeping, we seriously need to get on that stuff. That’s all positive all the ways, and doesn’t come with a hefty pricetag or side effects.

Onion Ring Eggs – This just looks awesome. I’m absolutely trying this.

All done for now. Thanks for reading!


2 comments on “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays

  1. Kris says:

    Funny about that “List” link, I was just eating some celery the other day, and wondered “How can a veggie that is made of mostly water and fiber taste so much like salt, and plastic” and now thanks to you Neanderthal, I know.

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