Ketosis – Day 17

Yeah, bit of a gap, there. I’m still staying very low carb, for the most part. This weekend was rough, as I mentioned, and I did give in and have a bowl of blueberries swimming in heavy cream the other night. That was amazing. Still had moderate ketones the following morning, too, so I think the sugars in there didn’t amount to as much as I thought they might. Then last night I had literally two spoonfuls of mashed potatoes with my meat and this morning I was back down to trace or zero ketones. Stupid body. I even looked at the package and determined that 1/4 cup of them should only contain 10g of carbohydrate and I really should’ve been fine. But no, it didn’t work out that way. Oh well. What can you do but keep soldiering on?

So that’s what I’m doing. Just keeping on with my normal gig. Eggs and sausage or bacon for breakfast, a big salad for lunch and a meaty, veggie dinner, or lunch and dinner swapped. I’m feeling great, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, but I’m just intensely pleased with how much better I’m looking. I went from looking like a chubby, unfit guy to looking like a skinny unfit guy and I’m finally getting down to where I’m looking more lean and muscular. The intermediate stage was rough, since neither me nor my wife are fans of me looking skinny and unfit. I knew it would improve as I continued losing body fat, but I didn’t really anticipate how quickly it’s happening. I’m thinking it may be time for pictures again soon.I’m not as big as I’d like, but the body composition is getting to the point where even my limited muscle mass is looking pretty decent. I’m hoping to start gaining more soon, though.

I talked to another friend today who has inspired me to make much more of an effort to go lift heavy things at my gym. He’s changed to a paleo-type diet and said he is incredibly impressed with how well his lifting has progressed. Since I would really love to start building muscle in a big way, that appeals to me greatly. I’ve been doing my body weight exercises pretty consistently 3-4 times per week, and even bumped it up a bit on Monday and did some kettlebell swings, shoulder presses, deadlifts, and pull ups. All light weights, just to get my heart pumping, but it felt great. I’m actually still feeling the swings in my thighs today, which tells me it had been far too long since I did them last. So I’m going to keep up with that 1-2 times per week to get my cardio working. I’m going to do my best to get to the gym tomorrow morning to do some bench, squat and deadlift. Light weights, since I won’t have a partner and haven’t done any of those with any regularity for a long time. I just want to move some heavy weight and see how it feels. Not real heavy, but heavier than the ~50 pounds I get out of my KB. I’ll probably start at 100-150 pounds with each and see how that feels. I may push the squat and deadlift a bit more, since there’s less risk of crushing myself with the bar. We’ll just have to see. In any case, I’m pretty excited about it.

Okay, times for links. I’m in a Mat Lalonde fanboy mood these days, so you get Mat Lalaonde links.

The Science behind the Paleolithic Diet – An interview where mat goes into his measured, rational, research-based views on the paleo diet. He’s a lot less evangelical about it than many others, or at least has much more nuanced and context-based view. He still comes to the same conclusions that most other paleo proponents do, but he gets there via hardcore scientific inquiry, and doesn’t rely on any lazy arguments. It’s compelling and humbling, and reminds me that I have a tendency to get sloppy with my claims sometimes. Watching Mat is good for me.

The Science of Nutrition – A preview of a seminar Mat gives. I really, really want to take this sometime. It would probably blow my liberal arts brain out the back of my head, but it would be worth it. Also, you can see how jacked he is in this one. Whatever he’s doing, I want to be doing it too.

An Organic Chemist’s Perspective on Paleo – This is the one that really pins my ears back . I’m guilty of a lot of this, and the more times I watch this, especially after having learned more so I have better context, the more sense it all makes and the more I understand about why precision is so important. This is the talk that makes it very clear that it isn’t “paleo vs science” like so many people seem to want to think, it’s “science vs science” and we need to have our ducks in a row to make sure we’re making the very real, very legitimate scientific claims that support our position. I could probably stand to watch this thing every few weeks just to hammer that into my head when I start getting a little fast and loose with my explanations.


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