Keto Crater

I totally lost my ketosis this weekend. We hosted two get-togethers at our house and went to a friend’s house, and while I did manage to stay gluten free I definitely overdid it on the carbs. I peed on a stick this morning and was back down to trace ketones, so I’m not anticipating inspiring numbers on the scale tomorrow. I did have a number of chances to test my body fat with the Omron (a number of people who came over wanted to try it) and I’m consistently measuring between 14 and 14.5% which is awesome.  I’m going to crank back down on my carbs this week, and see how I do. I’m actually liking ketosis pretty well, but I do miss my fruit. After my 30 days, I think I will probably stick with a lower carb paleo thing unless I get my butt in gear with my sprinting a couple times a week.

So anyway, food this weekend was good. Burgers with Udi’s gluten free buns, sweet potato chips and dip. It was tasty, and the buns were actually pretty darned good. I’ve noticed with gluten free bread products that toasting them makes a huge difference. Saturday I made my lasagna to take to a friend’s house so all the glutards could eat it while others ate pizza. All of the wheat-free people enjoyed it, and even a few others got a piece after they finished their pizza. Apparently they were worried about eating it before those who needed it had been given a fair chance, but still wanted some. That always makes me feel good. Tonight, I made zuppa toscana and asparagus and Against the Grain garlic bread. It was all pretty delicious. Plenty of compliments, even from the folks who aren’t usually inclined to such.

So anyway, that’s what was going on with my weekend. Busy at home working on projects, making a lot of good progress. Everything is coming together, both on the homefront and the health front. I’ve got more and more friends asking me about paleo dieting and looking like they’re willing to give it a try. That’s incredibly rewarding, too. Plenty of friends have already started and are having awesome results, and they are great to talk to, too.

Also, today, for the very first time, my wife agreed that there is probably something to the whole gluten thing. She’s been gluten free for a few weeks now (since leaving her job to be a stay-at-home mom-to-be) and yesterday had half a flour tortilla to appease my mother. She’s such a trooper. But anyway, she ended up feeling pretty sick later in the day and even through the night. That sucks, obviously, but the fact that she’s actually experienced the problem first hand now means it will be easier for her to stay on track and stay away from the gluten. With everything I’ve been reading about it, whatever it takes to keep my loved ones away from it is good stuff. She also noted that since staying away from it for a couple of weeks, she no longer has the intense cravings for wheat that she had at first. As you read more of Dr. Davis’ work, that’s very much in keeping with the intense, drug-like addiction people experience while eating modern wheat. So now that she’s gotten away from it, has broken the addiction, has had the nasty gluten sickness, I think she’ll be happier to stay away from it for good with me, which just makes things easier all around. So even though I’m not happy that she got sick, I’m definitely happy that she’s on the same page with me now.

Okay, I’m really going now. You guys have fun and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


2 comments on “Keto Crater

  1. Carla says:

    That’s so great that wife is in on your healthy way of eating too. Makes it so much easier. I guess I am getting used to making a pan of lasagna for the hubs and boys without touching any myself.

    I guess it’s okay to have some extra carbs once in a while! Some days I make myself a large pan of roasted (high carb!) root vegetables and I pretty much eat most of it myself lol!

    • Septimus says:

      When I’m not being so restrictive on carbs, it’s definitely easier. She’s avoiding the wheat, but isn’t doing low carb at all. That’s totally fine too, since she’s pregnant and needs all the nutrient-dense calories she can get. It makes it a little tougher now since I do most of the cooking, and a lot of our favorite dishes have a significant carb component. I can usually pick around potatoes in soup or something though, so it’s not really a big deal. We’ve got some other ideas for meals where I can make one batch of something and she can eat more carbs than I do out of the same batch. I’ll post some of those ideas on the blog soon, I’m sure, if you’re interested. I’ll have to try some oven-roasted root veggies soon. That sounds really good!

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