Ketosis – Day 9

I’m really seeing improvements in my body composition. My stubborn midsection fat has gotten “looser” over the past week, if that makes sense. In my fat-loss experience, there are two stages to losing fat. In the first, fat deposits that used to be pretty hard and dense just start to feel softer, then they start to melt away. The first stage is less visible, but it’s definitely still progress. I’m through that stage now and I’m seeing the fat actually reducing in size.

My wife keeps telling me how skinny I look, which is a bit of a mixed blessing. Not too long ago, I was 6’3″ and nearly 250 pounds, which is a great deal of manflesh. I’m now 6’3″ and 206-ish, which is still plenty for most needs, but is significantly reduced. She had gotten used to having a great bear of a husband, and now I’m much less bear-tacular. It’s exciting for me to make such great progress on getting lean (because I’ve been muscular, but never lean), but I need to get some more bulk on my frame to keep the little woman happy, too. I’ve actually been doing pretty well with getting some pushups, pullups, dips and planks into my morning routine most days, so I’m hoping to start making some gains in the muscle department. I’m feeling good and getting stronger, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve already put on some muscle. When I actually put effort into resistance training of any kind, I pack on muscle like a beast. I just rarely do so over the long term, unfortunately. That’s all changing now, though. Losing the body fat has motivated me to improve my health all over the place, not least because I’m feeling like I really ought to be generally larger, and I’d rather it be muscle than fat.

So, enough of that. What else is going on? Food is much the same. I made some bacon-wrapped egg cups the other day and they were pretty tasty. I even took pictures, but haven’t uploaded them yet. So that post will happen this week sometime. I’ve also been reading (as usual) and have found some great articles for you guys.

Is Stevia Healthy? – Mark Sisson tackles this one in a post from last year. He looks at the evidence and it appears that stevia actually has some “not-jut-not-bad-but-actually-good” effects. I’ve read and heard varying reports on a bunch of different artificial sweeteners, and it’s tough to find consensus. But stevia, specifically, the least-refined stevia you can find, seems to be the favorite among non-caloric sweeteners. Eventually, I just have to make a decision on whether or not a food has a place in my body, and for stevia, I’m voting yes. Not huge amounts, but certainly sometimes. And since we know for sure that sucrose is the devil, it definitely makes sense to try to avoid it. If stevia can give me a sweet flavor when I want one without spiking my insulin or any of the rest, it seems like a great choice.

The Asian Paradox – This is one I’ve wondered about myself, and have discussed a great deal with friends. How can a culture that eats so much pure starch have lower instances of obesity and heart disease if eating starch causes obesity and heart disease? It’s a paradox. But nature doesn’t allow paradoxes. If you think you’ve found one, you re-check your hypothesis. In this case, we’ve got a few incorrect premises, which Mark lays out very well. A great read, especially if you’re a paleo advocate and want to know how to respond when someone brings this up like it drives a stake through the heart of our movement.

Crash Course: The Agricultural Revolution – This video is awesome. They’re all awesome, really. But this one actually fits with our theme, so it’s the one that gets linked.

Metabolic Effects of the Very Low-Carbohydrate Diets – This is an excellent scientific summary of ketosis. Highly recommended if you’re at all interested in a very low carb diet.

Okay, that’s enough. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


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