Ketosis – Day 5

Hopped on the scale this morning and saw that I’d dropped to 206.6 lbs. That’s crazy. Some of it might still be water weight, but really, I hadn’t gone so nuts on carbs that I think I would’ve packed back on the 8-10 lbs of water I was holding in my gut originally. Especially since I’ve been avoiding irritating foods, so my gut inflammation should be reduced, and that is usually where a lot of the water weight comes from. So really, I don’t know. I’m eating very few carbs, but I’m not really counting so I couldn’t say how many. I’d guess I’m probably at or below 20g/day right now. I’ve been very good about not eating any sweets at all, and I’m already past the cravings. I’ve been eating my salads, and quite a few nuts, so I suppose I could be more like 30g. Still, that’s nice and low, and it really seems to be having the desired effect. I never expected to lose weight this quickly. For the first time ever, the Omron estimated my body fat under 15% this morning! I’m even feeling a little loose in my 34×34 jeans now. They’re not quite looking like my fat pants, but they’re actually pretty darned loose. I haven’t tried putting on my old fat pants yet, but I’m really tempted to give it a go to see how they look. I’m guessing absurd.

So what all have I been eating? Well, I’ve definitely been eating plenty of fatty, delicious meats. Bacon, sausage, tri-tip, pot roast, etc. Last night I was still a little hungry after my tri-tip so I melted some cheddar cheese on a plate in the microwave and ate it with a fork. It was delicious, and filled me up just right. I think I’m going to try frying the cheese in some coconut oil next time in a cast iron skillet to see if I can get it to be crispy. That just sounds awesome. It especially sounds awesome in the context of being able to eat that sort of thing while still losing weight.

Okay, I’ve got some links for you again today. Got these from WAPF’s Facebook feed, which is a heck of an awesome resource.

What’s the best diet for diabetes? – I really like this article, and it has links in it to a few other solid pieces. This is the kind of reporting I like to see. They’re not just quoting the standard junk, they actually took the time to look into studies comparing effectiveness of different diet recommendations. That’s badass. The fact that they actually got a doctor in there who has used diet to functionally cure Type 2 diabetes is also fantastic.

Pancreas may ‘Taste’ Fructose – This one is fascinating. Apparently, fructose actually does stimulate insulin secretion, even though it doesn’t increase blood glucose levels, which is normally thought of as the driving force behind insulin activity. Like they say in the article, there’s plenty more research to be done, but this makes a ton of sense, especially if you consider insulin resistance and increased adiposity as evolutionary advantages. The idea I’d heard on that is that fruit tends to be ripe in the autumn in most northern latitudes, so our ancestors would gorge themselves on all the fruit they could get, and their bodies evolved a mechanism to store this extra food as body fat to help them make it through winter. It’s a cool story, and I think it makes sense, but more science needs to be done to see if it’s actually a fit for the evidence.

Okay, that’s probably good enough for now. Thanks to everyone for reading! Please feel free to ask questions if you have any, and I’d really appreciate it if you would share the blog with friends or family or anyone you think might get something out of it.


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