Ketosis – Day 3

Well, that’s a bit of a misnomer, really. I don’t think I’m actually in nutritional ketosis yet. That will probably take me a week or so. But this is my third day of eating very low carb. I’m already down to 209.6 as of this morning, which makes me think that my tolerance for carbs  is pretty low. I went a bit nuts this weekend, but if it just takes a couple of days of really cranking down on them again to get my back on the fat burning track, that says to me that carbs are my primary fat driver. That’s good, because it means I know what my body will do, so if I ever get all bloaty and giant again, I will know the best way to fix it. That’s important.

If I really thought my only solution to being chubby was to count my calories and revel in the glories of rice cakes and steamed chicken breasts, I’d probably just learn to be happy with all of my extra butt. But if I know I can take a week or even just a few days of significantly restricting my carbs, and that that can get me back on track or back to a comfortable maintenance weight, then good for me. That means I have a magic bullet in my back pocket to counteract the effects of any carb blowouts I may partake in during the holidays or while on vacation or something. If I can eat what I want (will still avoid gluten because that just makes me feel gross) for a few meals or even a few days and then just get back to a lower-than-maintenance carb level for a few days or a week to get myself back to lean, I can very much live with that.

So what have I been eating? Not much different, really. Breakfast is scrambled eggs with a splash of whole milk, some shredded cheddar and some chorizo. My loving wife has been making it for us every day and it’s delicious. That usually keeps me pretty darned full until maybe 11 or so, when I have a handful of almonds. That holds me for another hour or two, and then I have my Costco Salad for lunch. I’m still loving that thing, and have started adding even more bacon, cheese and dressing to it than i was before. I’m also bringing a small portion of some kind of fatty meat leftovers. The salad is good, but it doesn’t really stay with me, so I’m adding some extra fat and protein so I don’t get hungry in the afternoon. Dinner has been some giant slab of meat, so far. Jenna made a pot roast last night, and we also picked up a rotisserie chicken as emergency backup. It was her first pot roast and she wasn’t sure if it would turn out well. It actually did just fine, so we both ate that last night, and might have it again tonight.

So that’s about it. The only things I really cut out were some fruit that I had been eating at breakfast, and all of the sweets I’d been eating. I’d gotten a bit too heavy on the sweets in the past week or two, and had gone from my usual few pieces of 85% dark chocolate to having larger portions of that, plus some Costco chocolate peanut butter cups, plus some coconut milk ice cream, plus a whole mess of berries. I also made a gluten-free chocolate cake for my wife and had a piece of that, and then a few bites of hers as well. That all adds up pretty quickly, and I found my limit for how much I can get away with at my current weight and activity level. So now I’ve just cut all the sweets entirely for the purposes of this ketosis trial, and I’m thinking that will really help me out a lot. I’m looking forward to the end of this so I can chow down on some bacon-wrapped pineapple chunks, but I’ll probably still keep it pretty reasonable. I just don’t need that much carbohydrate to fuel what I’m doing these days, and I really want to reach my body comp goals ASAP.

Also, I wanted to give another shout-out to Dr. Peter Attia. I just keep reading and re-reading his blog posts and learning more and more. This post, specifically, really helped me visualize why some people can do more carbs than others, and what a person actually eats to stay in ketosis over the long term. Also, his explanation of the difference between nutritional ketosis and ketoacidosis is extremely helpful and informative. I can’t recommend his blog enough as a source for excellent information on low-carb diets, especially for very active people.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Great site! I am paleo as well! The First Rock and Roll Paleo

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