I see your flow charts, and I raise you…infographics!

My brain is kind of melty today. I saw a couple articles in my reader and started chasing links down the rabbit hole. I looked up after a few minutes and three hours had passed. I both love and hate when that happens. Anyway, I found some really great info, but I’m still trying to chase down the last few things I need to put together a coherent blog post about it. In the meantime, I found some awesome infographics i wanted to share with you guys. So here goes:

Paleo Diet Infographic

Then there’s this one, based on Taubes’ book “Why We get Fat” and operating under the carbs -> insulin -> fat mechanism (that’s what I’ve been reading about today, so I’ll have more on it soon).

Low-Carb Infographic

Just some cool info, put into an interesting format. Hope you guys like it!


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