Quick Post

Hey folks! Busy day today so I won’t have time to write up the post I had planned, but I still wanted to leave you with some goodies.

First, I weighed in yesterday and came in at 212.0 lbs. Woot! Finally got my carbs back in line after the holidays and the weight started coming off again. I’m still getting tons of comments about how thin and young I’m looking these days, which are intensely motivating to a guy like me (this machine runs on praise). I’m also noticing that I look and feel positively ludicrous in many of my old clothes. Not just “This is a little loose,” but “This looks like it wasn’t purchased for me, but rather maybe someone with Kuato hanging out in their torsonic region.” Thankfully, I’ve managed to find enough new pants I like that I can get away with wearing fat pants only once or twice a week. They’re silly, but a man does what he must. Also, I’ve been doing my very low-intensity body weight exercises a lot more regularly of late, and even swung my kettlbell yesterday. I’m very much feeling it in my thighs today, which makes me want to keep doing it at least once or twice a week. I’ve cleared enough space on my side of the garage to go in there in the morning and pound out something intense in just a few minutes in the morning. Once we get even more cleared, I’m putting the rowing machine in there and then ya’ll better watch out. I really enjoy rowing, our house just never really allowed for the machine to have a permanent home so I haven’t been able to do very much.

Okay, now for the goodies.

Sprouts Gluten Free Jubilee – Sprouts, one of the natural food groceries we have in CO, is having a special sale on all their gluten-free products. 25% off all of it! Awesome, right? Also, they have a really fantastic gluten-free guide that is very much worth reading and keeping for future reference. Definitely check them out.

Also, this is an article I read yesterday by my boy Taubes (we’re on a last-name basis now): Is Sugar Toxic? It’s pretty long and dense, and it starts out referencing a talk called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” by Robert Lustig, MD which I know I’ve linked here before (I found a short version that I also really like if you don’t have a spare 90 minutes: Sugar: The Bitter Truth – Short Version). It’s a great talk on its own, but Taubes expands and provides context that is really compelling (even more compelling than the original video which was got my my wife and I off of soda a few years back). Anyway, I want to talk a lot more about this, because I think it’s really fantastic information, and I don’t think enough attention is being paid to the conclusions that can be drawn from it. Nothing is set in stone, of course, and more research is always good, but this seems like more of a revolutionary proposal than I think people realize. I could be all the way wrong on it, but I’ll at least lay out what I think and try to provide support so you can decide for yourselves. It’s looking to be a big post, so it may have to be tomorrow or even next week. I’ve got big plans, but not plans within plans because I’m not some filthy Harkonnen.

More Taubes, because I’m a total fanboy (Robb Wolf, Tom Naughton, Mark Sisson, now Taubes, too? I’m like a fanboy slut.). This is a really interesting interview, wherein Taubes recommends 5 books on nutrition. Fascinating stuff. Read through to the end, because he explains the Japanese diet in a way that I think makes a lot of sense. It’s actually where I found the link to the other article of his I linked above, and it’s one that really makes a lot of sense to me. Also very cool is that the woman interviewing Taubes agrees to try an Atkins-style diet, and is blogging her results here: In Which I Follow Gary Taubes’ Atkins-style Diet She’s already having success, but her experiences in the early stages will probably mirror those of many people trying a low-carb diet for the first time.

Okay, that should keep you busy for a while. Enjoy! (P.S. Only in my world is a 700-word entry ‘just a quick post.’ I swear, it’s like I have a disease.)


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