What comes between before and after? This right here.

Not sure if I’d posted this before, but here’s probably the best picture I have of me in my “Before” state.

This is late August, before a 5K mud run I did called the Warrior Dash. It was fun, but I was carrying a lot of extra weight. I’d gotten into pretty good shape by the end of June (for the Tough Mudder), but just a few months of laying around the house and eating like Hedonism-Bot really took a toll. This is about where I was when I started. I’d guess I was in the 240-245 range here, and I eventually got up between 245 and 250 before I started my whole paleo gig.

I’d been meaning to take pictures of my weight loss progress throughout the whole deal, but I didn’t. I’m a slacker, what can I say? So anyway, I finally got my wife to take a picture of me in some of my old pants. I had some pants that were loose on me even at 250, but I didn’t want to wear those for this shot, because while that would look more impressive, it would be cheating. I picked a pair that used to fit me very well, and you can see how they look now.

That’s about 4 or 5 inches off my waist and over 30 pounds total since I switched to a primarily paleo diet. Like I’ve mentioned many times, I’m far from perfect with my eating. I ate half a cheesecake over a period of 3 days. Dinner last night was a couple strips of bacon, followed by corn chips dipped in chipotle salsa mixed with cream cheese. It was delicious, but obviously not the best thing for me. I still eat more coconut milk ice cream than I probably should, and there is never less than one dark chocolate bar in my desk at work. These things are undoubtedly slowing me down, but they’re not enough to stop me by a long shot.

Anyway, this isn’t a before and after thing. This is a before and during thing. Because I’m not done. Not even close. I still have another 10-15 pounds of fat to lose and a lot more muscle to gain before I’ll be satisfied and want to move into a maintenance phase.

I also noticed something yesterday that I thought was worth mentioning. I ate three sausage links and two hard boiled eggs for breakfast. It was delicious and extremely filling. So here’s the nutritional breakdown:

Niman Ranch apple cinnamon sausage links – 3 links

  • Calories – 225
  • Total Fat – 18g
  • Saturated Fat – 6.75g
  • Total Carbohydrates – 0g
  • Protein – 15g

Organic Valley Omega-3 eggs – 2 eggs

  • Calories -120
  • Total Fat -8g
  • Saturated Fat -3g
  • Total Carbohydrates -1g
  • Protein -12g

So there you go. About 350 calories, 26g of fat, 27g of protein, and almost no carbs. And that kept me full from about 9AM until almost 3PM when I finally realized I should probably eat lunch. I didn’t snack at all during that time, either. If I don’t eat enough for breakfast, I’ll often find myself digging for a Trio bar or a few handfuls of pistachios or something. That stuff doesn’t really fill me up all the way, though. I just keep eating small amounts over and over again, not really getting satisfied, but racking up the calories. Does that sound like eating a lot of carb-heavy meals and snacks throughout the day? Let’s do a quick comparison.

Post Grape Nuts – 1/2 cup cereal with 1/2 cup Skim Milk

  • Calories – 240
  • Total Fat -1g
  • Saturated Fat – 0g
  • Total Carbohydrates – 54g
  • Sugars – 10g
  • Protein – 10g

That’s not a lot of food, and it’s almost all starch and sugar, which means you’re going to burn through it and need a snack shortly or suffer the blood sugar crash. Besides, who the heck actually only eats half a cup of cereal and half a cup of milk? That’s absurd. When I was weighing and measuring, I would use a very normal-sized bowl and it was routinely 2-3 servings worth of cereal to fill it, and at least a cup of milk or more to get a reasonable amount in the mix. You’re getting into the 750+ calorie range pretty quickly, especially with some of the more sugary cereals. Even with that many calories, you’re still not going to feel full for very long, though. So then on top of eating more calories to feel full the first time, you’re also going to be eating more between meals. That just seems like an obvious way to eat way more calories during the day. You can’t help but put on weight. So, I’m not advocating that you start counting calories of course, but start paying attention at least to how much it takes to fill you up with various foods. I used to be able to sit down and eat a 3-4 cup bowl of rice with a couple tablespoons of margarine on top. That’s gross, clearly, but it’s also a load of calories that just won’t stick with you. Don’t even get me started on soda and frou-frou coffee drinks, either. That doesn’t fill you up at all, in fact there are studies showing that sugary drinks may even make you more hungry, so not only do you get the calories you’re drinking, but you eat more food in addition to that. Is it any wonder we’re all a whole lot more like the before picture?

Thanks for reading, guys. If you like what I’m doing, I’d really appreciate it if you’d share the blog with friends and family. I’m trying to get the word out a bit, and all the new folks coming to read are awesome. Thanks again!


4 comments on “What comes between before and after? This right here.

  1. Katina says:

    I’ve been thinkin i need to take a dozen eggs to work and either boil them (though I would have to test this out – we have a hot pot thing, so maybe I could pour boiling water in my coffee mug and then add an egg, cover and let sit for 20 minutes or so), or make the scramble thing in the microwave (also using a coffee mug, scramble two eggs with a tablespoon or so of milk and some cheese and nuke for like 2 minutes) as a breakfast item I can eat at work. I can’t eat food when I first wake up because it makes me feel nauseated, but I also should really be eating breakfast instead of munching away on whatever sugar snacks I find at the office…

    • Septimus says:

      Can you not just boil the eggs at home and then take them to work? That’s usually what I do. We have a fridge and a microwave, though, so it makes it pretty easy. I tend to eat the hard boiled eggs cold and the sausage or bacon warm, and the whole thing just works.

  2. Carla says:

    Congrats on the progress so far! I had to comment on your breakfast. Most days I have eggs or bacon (or both) and a bowl of berries and I have found I am not hungry either!!! I used to have to eat four to six waffles with butter and syrup to feel full. And I’ve lost over 7 lbs eating this way! It’s amazing!

    • Septimus says:

      Thank you, and congrats to you as well! I can’t get over just how effortless the weight loss is once you get the right principles established. Following a new eating plan is so much easier when you’re not weighing, measuring and starving all the time, too.

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