Weigh in

Well I hopped on the scale again this morning. Looks like I’m down to 215.0 lbs. That’s over 30 pounds lost since switching to a paleo diet. And I’m still far from perfect with my food choices. I’ve just been avoiding sugar a little better than I was, and my fat loss re-accelerated. For the record, 215 is what I weighed when I started college. I honestly never thought I would see that again. I’m still not to the body fat % that I’d like to be, mostly because I really want to see abs at some point in my life. So I’ll keep losing fat until I see them. That’s my body comp goal. Once I get to that level of leanness, I think I’ll start trying to increase my lean mass. There’s supposed to be a mechanism that makes leaner people put more excess calories into lean mass than fat, so I’m kinda banking on that. After losing all this fat, I really don’t want it back on my body. I’ll get nice and lean, then I’ll bulk up again.

I got back on the Omron, even though it was frustrating me. I had been using “normal” setting all along, since I knew I had pretty high body fat. This morning, I tried it again and still got 23% on normal setting. I switched it to Athlete and updated my weight and it came back with 16.5% instead. That seems much more in line with what I’m seeing in the mirror.I’m actually thinking I might be under 15% body fat now, just based on how I look, but I’ll reserve judgement on it.

Also, measured my waist and it looks like 35.5″ at this point. Down from 40+” a few short months ago? Yes please. I also picked up some new pants last night in 34/34. They fit comfortably and they look fantastic. I haven’t worn a 34/34 since high school, if that gives you any indication. I had gotten up to barely fitting into my 38″ waist pants (and most companies are very generous with their waist sizes these days) and now I’m cruising around in these babies. I don’t know that I can adequately express how happy all of this progress has made me. I just feel great about my body for the first time in a very long time.

So anyway, that’s where we are now. Everything is going like gangbusters and all in the right direction.  I really think I’m maybe a month or two away from sub-10% body fat. If I assume that the Omron is accurate at 16.5% right now, that means I still have 180 lbs of lean mass, with 35 pounds of body fat. If I drop 15 more pounds of body fat at the same lean mass, that will get me under 10%. That used to seem insurmountable, but now it seems inevitable. If I hit 200 lbs within the next 1-2 months, that should mean 10%, which should mean visible abs, as long as there’s enough muscle to provide definition (I’m pretty sure there is, but I’ll keep working). So 200 lbs is my next weight goal, with 10% body fat still being my body comp goal. I’m going to keep doing my sort of lame-ass workouts (pushups or squats or planks or pullups or swings 2-3 times per week), and try to improve as much as possible. Right now though, leaning out is my primary goal, so I’m going to focus on keeping my food right.

Thanks for reading!


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