Some foods

Hey guys! Well I realized that this blog is intensely text-heavy and that I haven’t posted many pictures. And that’s lame and boring, no matter how scintillating the writing happens to be. So here are some pictures. Kind of recipes, too.

This is my lunch salad:

There it is. That’s organic spinach, “Spring Mix” (whatever that means), onions, olives, pepperoni, cheese and dressing. This is my homemade vinaigrette, which I really love. The salad is very much a “put in a handful of this” so it’s a little hard to make into a proper recipe. However, the dressing is a little better. My friend Kristie gave me the rough cut of it, and this is what I did.

Build it in your blender, first off.

Ratio of 2:1 oil to acid.

For me, that meant 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar and 1/2 a cup of extra virgin olive oil

You also need an emulsifier, which means some mustard, in this case. I’ve got a jar of stone-ground mustard that I’d never used, but I put a teaspoon or so of that in the blender as well.

Then, seasonings. I put in a couple squeezes of honey to sweeten the pot, so to speak. I also threw in some fresh garlic. I think I shook in a few sprinkles from my “generic Italian seasonings” jar. Honestly, all my cooking is a little bit “Rainman” so I can’t tell you exactly. Wait, I guess Rainman could tell you exactly. Maybe my cooking is more Zaphod Beeblebrox? That sounds about right. Anyway, Get all this stuff in your blender, then mix it up. It shouldn’t take long. Pour it into your container of choice. Ta-freakin’-da. Couldn’t be easier. And it’s freaking delicious, to boot.

So there you go, that’s one thing. But what about another thing?

This is what I use to make my tasty frozen treats. I started with just puréed pineapple, frozen, then added some coconut milk, now I’m adding strawberries. Look at me go.

Okay, open up the cans of pineapple, drain the juice out, and then put the fruit into the blender. Our blenders are getting a workout today, eh? Wash it between uses, though. Savage.

That’s the ticket. Now put your strawberries in there.

Nailed it. Now open up the can of coconut milk and pour it in there, too. I’m not including a picture of that because it looked a little weird. You don’t need to see that.

There it is. You just purée for a while and everything ends up looking sort of like a smoothie. Now, you have options. If you have an ice cream maker, you can put this in there and make it into some semblance of ice cream or sorbet. i don’t, so I haven’t tried that but i really want to. What I’ve been doing is freezing it solid in the freezer and then scraping at it with a spoon like a chimp with a termite nest. Obviously this is not the best solution. So anyway, I’m still working on that part. But coconut + pineapple is super tasty in most any format. Even just putting it in the fridge should get you something with a pudding-esque consistency.

I think that’s it for now. You get an entree and a dessert. I’ll work on other stuff as I figure it out. Enjoy!


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