Ancestral Health Symposium

So I didn’t know this happened (probably because I’m still catching up on my podcasts, having only recently reached the end of 2010) until after the fact, but it’s awesome. It’s basically a conference for people interested in the way evolutionary biology can impact modern health. Fantastic stuff. Lots of people from the straight-up paleo world, but also some people who are just generally low carb or low sugar or whatever. There’s also a lot of discussion on ancestral fitness, involving different types of exercise and all the rest. It’s a very science-heavy conference and most of the speakers are MDs, PhDs or both. Some of the info is extremely dense and can be tough to understand without the benefit of the slides (some of the video have links to the slides in the description, but others do not). So just poke around through the list on this dude’s Youtube page: wormmy1

Alternatively, you can check these out individually, since they’re the ones I’ve watched and enjoyed so far. I’ll provide a little intro/description as needed.

Gary Taubes – The Case Against Sugar(s) -This is a fairly similar talk to much of the other stuff I’ve seen by Taubes, but it’s a little more focused, maybe. Anyway, dude is wicked smart and brings things up that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of, so I enjoy watching whatever he has to say.

Mathieu LaLonde – An Organic Chemist’s Perspective on Paleo – It is unfair to the rest of us that this guy gets to be a Ph.D. in chemistry from Harvard and be this freakin’ jacked. Seriously. Anyway, he sort of takes the rest of us to task about the way we describe the paleo diet and the science behind it. I know I’m guilty of doing many of the things he calls us out on, and seeing this has made me realize that I was guilty of making some pretty lame assertions, scientifically speaking. So it’s not an easy one to listen to, if you do this sort of thing, but it’s a great one to listen to if you like having your brain blown out the back of your skull by pure, unadulterated science.

Robb Wolf – The Paleo Solution -Robb tells his story, and explains a little bit about what he’s seen with his own clients. A great talk, and inspired me to re-read his book by the same name.

Michael Eades, MD – Protein Power – Dr. Eades has been in the low-carb game for a long time now. You may recognize him from Fat Head, if you’ve seen that (and if not, why not?). He brings up some really great points as well about how easy it is to ignore “that which is not seen.” I really liked this talk a lot. It puts some things into perspective that needed to be.

Devin Boyd, DDS and Michael Mew, DDS – Caries and Malocclusion – The first speaker is pretty jumbled, disorganized and difficult to follow, unfortunately. There’s good info in there, but it’s tougher to get at. The second speaker does a really great job all around, and brings up a behavioral and dietary reason for the change in our face shape. That has led to issues with crooked teeth and various other problems. Very fascinating stuff, especially since I have a baby on the way.

Primal Mind – Nora Gedgaudas – Nora is the author of Primal Body, Primal Mind which I know I’ve mentioned before. great book, and this is a very interesting talk on the relation between diet and mental health. Fascinating stuff, and it really makes you look at mental illness in a much different way.

Okay, that’s probably enough to keep you busy for a while. I may put up another post with links to more of these as I get through more of them myself. Enjoy!


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