More progress!

So today, I noticed that my belt was starting to feel a little loose on the third hole. I tried latching it on the 4th hole and it wasn’t actually uncomfortable at all. I figured it wouldn’t work while sitting down though, so went back to hole 3 and went to work. After lunch, I went to the restroom (which is pretty much the only time I think about my belt between getting dressed and going to bed)  and decided to latch it at the 4th hole and see how it felt. Turns out, it feels just great, even sitting down at my desk. So now, I’m officially on the 4th hole of my belt. I think the biggest difference is that today, I’m wearing pants with a 36″ waist, as opposed to my normal 38″ (nominal) slacks or jeans. I’m actually bunching up the waistband inside my belt with most of my pants now, and that, more than my own personal girth, is probably what determines my belt hole day to day. So anyway, I’m still dropping waist sizes pretty regularly, but with pants that have more material, I may have to bump back up a notch. I’ll just know that it’s the pants and not me causing the problem.

Also, my wife told me last night that I’m looking a little skinny. She’s not wrong. I’ve always been a big, burly dude. A lot of the burl is from a large skeletal structure, a lot is from decent muscle mass, but a great deal of it was from strategically-placed fat. I knew it was fat, but it was placed in and around muscle, so it looked a bit more like muscle than it was. Anyway, now that I’ve been losing so much of that fat, I’m looking kinda skinny. I’m getting better muscle definition, for sure, but I’m not as generally beefy as I was. So anyway, that’s good and bad. Good to lose fat, bad to be looking skinny. So this morning, I set about a very minimal initial workout. Some pushups (I’m trying to get to 50 in a row without a break from my knees, before stepping up to 50 in a row on a chair, and then finally 50 in a row normal-style), some pullups (I’m using both hands on one ring, but I’ll probably go to negatives or one-legged pullups, while I build up my strength) and some planks (I’m pretty solid on planks, actually. My core is still reasonably strong), as per Mark Sisson’s “Primal Essential Movements” in his Primal Blueprint series. So I’m trying to attain a minimal baseline of strength in those movements as well as free squats (I can already reach the goal of 50 free squats, so I think I may go for a goal of 50 24KG kettlebell swings as my next leg milestone). I’m also going to try to get to the turf field at my gym so I can start doing some sprinting without risk of frostbite or slipping and breaking my entire ass on the icy paths outside.

Anyway, it’s something, right? It’s a slow process, but I’ll get back into the habit soon. It’s just so easy to eat the way I have been and see the fat melt off, so I don’t have the same motivation to work out that I did when I wasn’t losing anything due to diet alone. I can only imagine what sort of results I’ll be getting if I add some short, intense workouts and some long, low-intensity workouts to this nutrition, though. Should be pretty awesome.


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