Thanksgiving Weekend

Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve been super busy with the holiday and the house and all. So here’s what happened this week in paleo.

Thanksgiving dinner was good. I overdid it on starches and sugars, but avoided gluten, so I didn’t feel too thrashed afterward. I ended up making 4 dozen deviled eggs for my potluck, Jenna’s pot luck and then our family dinner. I didn’t eat very many of them, but I added bacon crumbles to one tray and that went over very well.

We also spent some time with our friends, the Webbers. Ate more Chinese food (sans dumpling) and didn’t have any gastric issues. That’s good. Kristie, who is full-on chef-qualified, helped me with my homemade mayo issues. Turns out, I was using too few yolks and too much oil. We put together a half macadamia and half olive mayo that’s pretty tasty. I think I’m going to try a half olive, half coconut oil next time so I get a good mix of fats without any heavy flavors. The macadamia oil is a great oil, but the flavor is definitely quite noticeable in the mayo. For something where that’s not bad (like a salad dressing) that’s just fine. But if I wanted to make it into a burger topping or something, it might be weird. Having a neutral flavor-base from which I can start futzing will be nice. I’ve got in mind a caesar dressing, maybe a thousand-island sort of thing, and a few others. Certainly a chipotle mayo is a good option for burgers, so that will definitely be on the list.

Overall, my weekend was sort of meh as far as meals go. Thanksgiving dinner is excluded, because that was super tasty. Mostly everything else was pretty good, but nothing super excellent. I’m imagining that me not cooking anything contributed to this. I had some Wendy’s (stuck with the salad with my own dressing), and some Good Times and a few other fast food places, but mostly just didn’t eat a ton. I had some packaged food at home, at least. Some of those Coleman Natural meatballs were pretty good.

I also spent Saturday playing airsoft, which proved to be a pretty significant leg workout. I’m still feeling a bit sore this morning, even. It’s a good feeling. I’ve been slacking off way too much. I work my body some just by living, but I do want to start incorporating some specific workouts. I keep saying it and I keep not doing it. I figure if I write it down and say it enough, it might happen accidentally. We’ll see how that goes for me.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!


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