Tom Naughton is a gentleman and a scholar

I know I’ve mentioned Tom Naughton before on here. I watched his Fat Head documentary a while back and it got me started thinking along paleo lines. Since then, I’ve re-watched it at least a few more times, and have started reading his blog and watching his other videos. I think he does an absolutely amazing job at explaining the science of nutrition in an entertaining way, and I think he does an equally amazing job at explaining science itself. That’s what this post is about, specifically. I just watched the following videos, and was blown away. Here are the links.

Science For Smart People

Big Fat Fiasco – Part 1

There is some similar content between the two presentations, and you’ll recognize some of it from Fat Head as well, but there’s enough extra info in each that isn’t anywhere else that I think they’re all worth watching. Watching these will help you to start thinking more scientifically about the science you hear about. Science For Smart People really focuses on this. It’s about bad nutrition and medical science and how to recognize it. If you aren’t really big on science, it’s a great intro. It also includes a lot of specific examples of bad science that gets peddled around as being gospel. If you don’t know what you don’t know, you’ll likely fall prey to it. It happened to me, even recently. I read about a recent study (an observational study) which showed that multivitamins were associated with some health issues in older women without specific nutritional deficiencies. Without even thinking about it, I immediately added a note to my brain that said “Multivitamins aren’t good for you.” It wasn’t even really a conscious thing. I didn’t even bother to think about the fact that maybe a young, virile man like myself might have different health needs than an older woman. It was presented as Science! and I took it as truth. Turns out it’s a bunch of hogwash. Tom actually covers that exact study and explains why it doesn’t say what we were led to believe it said.

Anyway, I won’t belabor the point anymore. Go. Watch these videos. Learn, and start thinking critically about the info you get from your preferred media sources. Thanks for reading!


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