Random Update

Of course, now that I’m no longer making three posts a day, what do I do? Make like 6 posts in a day.


I wanted to record some cool milestones here that I thought you guys might find interesting. For one, my wedding band is officially loose. I can pull it off without any heavy equipment or industrial lubricants. It has been too tight for that to happen pretty much since I got married about three and a half years ago.  That’s pretty big news for me, for sure.

Also, I’m officially under 230 pounds. That’s crazy. My driver’s license says 230 on it because I lied about me weight on it a year or so ago when I renewed it. I was actually pushing 240 at the time. I haven’t actually, legitimately been under 230 for probably three or four years. Maybe longer. I’ve gotten close, with application of significant effort over the course of a few months. And this time I got here by eating butter and not working out. I’ll take Option B, please.

Also also, I’m wearing some nice wool slacks today that I have never worn before. I bought them probably a year ago, brought them home and they didn’t fit. They’re a 38×34, like my jeans, but apparently they’re not so generous as the jeans people are. So they hung in my closet, tags still on them, all this time. Today was the first time I even attempted to wear them since learning that they were too small, and they fit perfectly well. Quite comfortably, actually. I’m now wondering how many of my other, older clothing I might be able to get into. I’m going to scour some closets and see. That’s kind of an awesome feeling, for sure.

I hit up Vitamin Cottage last night and about wet myself with excitement. They have literally everything I’ve been scouring Sprouts and Sunflower for. Celtic Sea Salt (the brand, not just the stuff) in several varieties. Organic Valley eggs and cream and butter. They have the macadamia oil I bought from Amazon for less than I spent. They have the Pamela’s baking mixes for a lot less than I spent on Amazon, and they have a wider variety of the mixes than I’ve seen anywhere short of Pamela’s website. They even had some chicken chipotle sausages, which I’ve been craving ever since I had some at Epcot on our vacation. I think that may have been the spark that ignited my current craving for anything chipotle-flavored, actually. Anyway, they’ve just got tons of stuff. Great prices, too. There may still be times I need to hit up Sprouts or Sunflower, or even King Soopers (which has a pretty solid selection of a lot of good foods) but I think Vitamin Cottage is going to be my go-to grocery for most stuff. So happy I stopped in!


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