Midday – Day 30

What did I eat yesterday? I don’t remember. Probably more pot roast and asparagus. That was lunch for at least a few days. I finally figured out how to steam the frozen asparagus so it’s actually edible, too.

I think I’ve also determined that we’re ready to re-attempt the butter bell. If you don’t know what a butter bell is, educate yourself. Actually, I’m using a genericized trademark. You know like when you call all facial tissue Kleenex? Butter Bell is apparently a trademark. Shows what I know. So anyway, I’m going to go back to using a French butter crock that is not actually a butter bell. We tried it before, and just weren’t going through enough butter to make it worthwhile. At this point, I really think we are. I’m going through a stick a week or so, sometimes more. That seems like plenty, and the crock will make it even easier to do. So I’m setting that up and will let you know how it goes.


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