Final Weigh In

Nothing else changed much, so I’m not going to re-post all the same numbers, byt my weight as of a full 30 days of paleo eating is 229.4 lbs. That, my friends is a full 16 pounds lost in 30 days. Couple that with 2 inches off my waist, significant reductions in body fat across my whole body, and all the rest, and I think I can declare the challenge a complete success. Even with me being far (FAR) from perfect, I still had fantastic results. I’m not going to worry about cranking down too hard on it, since I’m still losing without being overly anal. I figure I can adjust when I start to plateau. That seems to make sense to me, anyway.

So where do I go from here? I’m not going to keep up thrice-daily updates, I can tell you that much. That was crazy. I liked it, but once you get behind, it’s just too hard to catch up. So I’m thinking that I’ll start posting interesting stuff I find on paleo eating, maybe do some recipes, have some guests posts, etc. I’ve already got a ton of great links I’ve been thinking about putting up and just haven’t done yet. I’ll get to those shortly.

Thanks so much for reading all this. I’m sure a lot of it was brain-numbingly dull for you, but it helps me to put my thoughts into words like this, and the support I’ve gotten from everyone means a lot. I’m hoping someone out there might have been helped by this, too. The goal is to educate and entertain as much as possible, and hopefully I’ve done some of that. Just remember to eat real food, move your body and go to bed and you’ve got most of life covered.


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