Day 29 – Morning

I had some boiled eggs and a couple sausage patties for breakfast. I cooked the sausage much better this time, and it was much tastier as a result. I’m still learning how to cook breakfast foods in large part, mainly because I never really cooked a lot of them before. Breakfast was some plain hard-boiled eggs or an omelet with mostly whites and no fat when I was feeling healthy, or a bowl of fruity pebbles in grainfed skim milk when I wasn’t. Seems like a long time ago, which is kinda weird.

Oh, and I took some measurements this morning. Here they are:

  • Weight: 230.8
  • Body Fat %: 22.7%
  • Fat Mass: 52.39 lbs
  • Lean Mass: 178.4
  • Waist: 38.0″
  • Chest Pinch: 17mm
  • Suprailiac Pinch: 19mm
  • Thigh Pinch: 18mm
  • Total Pinches: 37mm

I’m trying not to freak out about the fluctuations in the Omron percentages, but it’s hard. I ascribe mathematical certainty to all numbers I see. I’m still seeing waist measurements coming down, total weight coming down, and I’m looking leaner and leaner in the mirror, so I know I’m losing fat. There is no doubt in my mind about it. I’m trying to be consistent with the Omron thing, but there are so many variables that it’s tough to know if I’m doing it right every time. So anyway, it’s still heading the right direction, generally speaking. Within some kind of variation. Maybe i ought to just ditch the whole thing and go solely by how my pants fit? It’s loosely, by the way. All of them are fitting very loosely. I’m having to crank the belt to the second or third hole, and all the pants are sort of blousing out from there now. Not quite to the point of needing all new ones yet, but I’m getting closer, for sure.

Talk to you at lunch time!


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