Day 28

Trying to get a bit of a jump on this one. Breakfast this morning was eggs, along with some blueberries and cream. My experience with homemade whipped cream failing in the fridge has repeated itself. It’s still good, just not holding the structure. I supplemented with some cashews and walnuts.

Lunch was the first real solid good quality food I’ve had in days. Grassfed burgers with broccoli and cauliflower. The frozen broccoli/cauliflower mixture was okay, but had a lot more broccoli stems than florets. Not terrible, but not as good as I’ve gotten used to. I really do enjoy cauliflower though, so that’s definitely going into the mix more often. I made two big honking burgers for me and my dad. Half a pound each. Super tasty stuff, for sure. They cooked up pretty well on the grill, with a really good crust on the outside and a very soft and juicy inside. That’s how I like them, and the grill makes that pretty easy.

Dinner tonight will almost certainly be some rotisserie chicken and asparagus again. Not a bad meal, by any means. That makes today a much better day than what I had been eating, which feels good. I’ve been snacking a bit, since we’ve been sort of house-bound. There’s just too much food around and with nothing better to do, I’m eating more out of boredom than hunger. Even with relatively good foods that’s not great, so I’ll be glad to get back on a decent schedule tomorrow. I should probably figure out what I’m going to eat at work, actually. I’ll get on that.

Four full weeks as of tonight. Pretty amazing stuff! So much has changed. I’m pretty sure that I’m down by at least 15 pounds at this point, though tomorrow morning will tell for sure. That’s with pretty good habits, but certainly not being perfect. I think that I’ve found sort of the upper and lower limits of what I will and won’t do, and I’ve already seen how much can be accomplished even with a decidedly imperfect approach. As I learn more, get better habits established, etc, I expect that I’ll continue to make significant progress. Especially once I can get my butt into gear with working out again. I’ve had one day of sort of legitimate, intentional exercise. Even that wasn’t nearly as long or as intense as it could have been. I have been significantly less active during this trial than I would have been otherwise, partially because of the home remodeling project, the surgery, work, travel, etc. I’m hoping that as some of these things start to fall off my plate, I can get regular exercise back on there again.


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