Day 27

These are coming faster and shorter now. Largely because my food is taking a back seat to my eyes. Everything is going well, but my focus, so to speak, is very much on getting drops into them at appointed times.

Yet again, breakfast was more bacon and eggs. The bacon I made the other day is now all gone, so I guess I’ll thaw some sausage for breakfasts this week.

Lunch was kind of catch as catch can. Nuts, some fruit, some dark chocolate. Just little bits of lots of things, really.

For dinner, we did Good Times again. I’m really liking those sweet potato fries of theirs. Probably shouldn’t make them a staple of my diet, but they’re very tasty.

So really, my food choices this weekend have been pretty weak sauce. I’ve been off my game. Eating crappy fast food more often than not. I’m still doing pretty well overall, but I definitely haven’t been eating quality meats and veggies as much as I ought to be. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bit of a lapse in my weight loss because of this. It may have kept going just because I’ve been mostly eating paleo foods even though they’re not high quality ones, but I’m also not focusing in the right places. Bah. Well this is to be expected I suppose. I’m hoping that I’ll improve this coming week, since I’ll be back to work and a normal schedule.


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