Day 26

Friday was more recovery. Breakfast was eggs and bacon again. At least I think it was. I’m honestly not sure at this point. This is the problem with doing these after the fact. Meals and days tend to run together when you’re doing a bunch of other stuff.

Lunch was…not sure. Dang it. This is going to be a pretty lame day, I fear. Maybe some rotisserie chicken and asparagus? That sounds right. I’m all done with my big bag of fresh broccoli and almost done with the fresh asparagus I picked up a while back.

Dinner was more of the Costco pot roast. It’s plenty tasty, but I’m going to be happy when I can get back to cooking my own foods for real.

I also got some frozen blueberries at Costco the other day, and thawed some out. Honestly, they’re not great. The fresh ones are just worlds better. Not sure if it’s a different species or if the freezing process does something to them, but i think the frozen berries will be mainly useful if I ever make a smoothie or get a juicer or something. The fresh berries are still just awesome and I’ve been eating plenty of them. They’ve got loads of good stuff in them, so I’m not too worried about overdoing it. I also got that Stevia with vanilla flavor in it, and used it to make some more whipped cream. Honestly, I wasn’t super impressed. i ended up having to use a whole lot of it to get a decently sweet flavor. Granted I was using a lot more cream than I did last time, but still. Maybe some combination of vanilla stevia and honey to get the right sweetness? I don’t know. I’m going to keep playing with it. Berries and cream is quickly becoming one of my favorite desserts, so I’m going to work at it until I get it right. I’m basically trying to find something to satisfy a legendary sweet tooth without overloading my body and bad stuff. I’m doing pretty well for the most part, and i haven’t been sneaking candy or cakes or anything (did have a little ice cream after surgery, which I feel is okay) but just knowing that I have the option to have something sweet that isn’t going to ruin everything I’ve worked for is very psychologically helpful. The ice cream did make me sick, even with a lactaid tablet. The pasture-raised cream hasn’t given me any problems at all so far. Not sure if it’s purely an issue of dose or if the pasture-raised stuff just doesn’t have some component of the factory-farmed dairy that’s bugging me. In any case, the berries are good, the cream is good, and the combination is very good. No complaints at all on it. Just have to master the recipe and I’ll be good to go.


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