Day 25

Thought I got caught up, but it turns out I slacked off a bit and got behind again. So here’s all of Thursday wrapped up into one post as well.

Breakfast was bacon and eggs, as is becoming the standard. It fills me up on relatively few calories and it’s just so darn tasty.

After that, I had my Lasik surgery, which meant I spent most of the rest of the day in bed, sleeping. I did grab some lunch beforehand, though. I think it was a Wendy’s double cheeseburger with their caesar side salad, and I even used the dressing that came with it. That made me sick, for sure. I’d been spoiling myself with good quality dressings for a while, and switching back to a nasty combo of canola and soybeans just made my stomach revolt. Not pukey, but definitely unhappy. The sleep helped with that too. Dinner was more fast food, since I wasn’t really up to cooking. A McDonald’s Angus 1/3 pounder and a big bag of steamed broccoli. I guess that almost counts as cooking, right?

Then more sleep. Seems like every time I sleep for a while, I wake up with better vision. That’s kind of awesome.

Oh, but I forgot my numbers! Here they are:

  • Weight: 231.4
  • Omron Body Fat: 22.3%

I didn’t remember to get my measurements, so those will wait for Monday. Things are still going the right direction, though!


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