Day 24

A whole Wednesday wrapped into one post? Am I losing my touch? Did i finally find something I like more than listening to the sound of my own voice? Fear not, gentle reader. This is just an attempt to get myself back on track. Things have been crazy at home and at work, so I haven’t had the time to put into the blog that I would like. Here’s a quick breakdown.

Breakfast – Onion and cheese frittata. I forgot to butter than pan again. D’oh! Old habits die hard, I guess. Still super tasty. I also made up some bacon and it’s excellent as always.

Lunch – Chicken breast leftovers from the other night and steamed broccoli. I also had some nuts, a few Craisins, and a Larabar or two during the day. The chicken wasn’t bad, but I can definitely tell that my body wants more fat out of a meal than that. You just don’t get the same satiety from a lean meal. Before, I’d have filled that gap with candy. I actually used to say I had a Dinner Belly and a Dessert Belly. Even when I’d eaten to capacity of my entree, I always had room for ice cream or candy or cheesecake or whatever. Now, I just make sure I give my body what it needs during the meal and I’m full, satisfied, and happy. It’s a much better feeling overall.

Dinner – I had to run to Costco for a few things, and picked up a rotisserie chicken while I was there. That plus some dried fruit and nuts ended up being dinner. I ate too much chicken and was just too full for anything else of substance. I’ll make up for it today. I got some frozen asparagus and I still have some fresh asparagus and broccoli in the fridge. I’m anticipating a pretty heavy veggie day today.

So there we go. A whole day. i didn’t ramble on about nonsense like I usually do, but I got it done. Now I’m caught up to current. Woot! Except rampant verbosity from here on out.


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