Day 22- Midday

So here’s another interesting bit of information. I was planning on eating just eggs and some nuts for breakfast, but decided to throw in some pineapple at the last minute. I ended up being more hungry after eating more food than I usually do in the morning. It was an insistent, nagging, brain hunger, though. The longer I’m doing this whole thing, the better I get at understanding what my body is telling me and why. Sometimes, there’s a stomach hunger. I feel it in my abdomen, and it has a very distinct sensation to it. other times, specifically when I eat a lot of something sugary (very rare anymore) I get what I call “brain hunger” instead. I don’t feel it at all in my stomach, it’s just a sense that I should really be stuffing my face with a lot more food RIGHT NOW. Used to be, I didn’t even know there was a difference, I just ate and ate until I was uncomfortably full and all the signals telling me to eat were overwhelmed by the sense of having an overfull stomach. I might be the only one, but I find the whole thing fascinating. So for breakfast, I ended up eating two hard boiled eggs, about a cup of pineapple, a handful of walnuts and a Larabar. I could’ve kept going (and my brain wanted me to), but at that point I realized what was happening and cut myself off. Normally, without the pineapple, the eggs and a handful of nuts will keep me full for hours and hours. Eggs and bacon will keep me from being hungry until midafternoon, most days. I also wasn’t especially hungry when I started breakfast, so I know it’s not just some random ravenous morning. The only thing that makes sense is that eating something so sugary gives me a big blood sugar spike, which then releases insulin, which ends up making me hungrier. It’s a vicious cycle that I don’t think most people have ever had the opportunity to experience, since most of us eat so much sugar and starch all the time, we don’t know anything different.

Anyway, so that’s what’s up with that. I ended up having to run home for lunch to deal with an HVAC guy, and didn’t get to eat until much later in the day. That’s something else I’ve noticed about my eating habits recently. I was never one to get super intensely hungry, but the past few weeks, it’s even less so. I’m never hungry for breakfast, it seems.  if I eat a decent breakfast with plenty of fat and protein, I’m rarely hungry for lunch until 5 or 6 hours later. I can eat dinner 6-8 hours after that and be fine. I’m also not snacking as much as I was. Used to be that I always had to have a piece of candy in my mouth, or every hour or two I’d get a food bar or something. I wasn’t hungry, my brain just kept telling me to eat. After a few hours, my stomach would empty enough that there was a little space in it, and I’d eat something to cram it full again.

Guh. Just thinking about all of it is pretty gross. I’m amazed at little I eat anymore without feeling any sort of deprivation. It’s calorically dense stuff, so I’m not starving myself by any means, I’m just realizing that I have never needed nearly as many calories as I had been eating. Or rather, I have never needed the volume or frequency of food I thought I did. A low fat diet has to make up calories somewhere, and they tend to be in sugars and starches.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah. Lunch. I ate some leftover tri-tip and onions from last night, which was actually pretty good reheated. I also tried to eat some canned asparagus. Never again. That was seriously gross. I’ve only ever had fresh, grilled or steamed asparagus before. It is completely different. So lunch was a pretty small meal, overall. Didn’t get my veggies like I normally do. Boo on that.

Thanks for reading!


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