Day 22 – Morning

Good morning, everyone! it’s Monday, and you know what that means. Data!

  • Weight: 232.0
  • Omron Body Fat: 23.0%
  • Fat Mass: 53.4
  • Lean Mass: 178.6
  • Waist: 38.5″
  • Chest Pinch: 17mm
  • Superailiac Pinch: 20mm
  • Thigh Pinch: 22mm
  • Total Pinches: 42

My fat is definitely coming down. I’m still having some minor issues with the Omron. The way you grip it seems to have a very significant effect on the numbers it gives you. The position of your hands has to be extremely consistent in order to get good results. I’m also not sure whether clothing affects it, so I’m going to start taking my measurements with my shirt off, just to avoid any complications that might arise from that. The big thing here is that i just don’t know how accurate it is. Having a measure that is +/- .5% seems very small, but when I’m trying to track trends, that can be enough to make it look like I’m going in the wrong direction, or that I’m losing way more than I think I am. Heck if I know. I’ll just keep going and using it as an estimator, and use how I look and feel as the gold standard of what my progress is. The pinches are still really hard to do on my own. I think that bending and twisting my body to get the pinches is almost certainly influencing their results. I just have to hope I’m contorting consistently enough to get a trend out of it.

Yesterday I made paleo mayonnaise, using this recipe from Paleo Mayonnaise

It seems to have turned out okay, based on the consistency and all. It’s definitely a creamy sort of concoction, I just don’t know about the taste and texture. From what people are telling me, it’s obvious when you fail and break your emulsion because it looks nothing like mayonnaise. The few times I’ve tried this though, I’ve always ended up with something that looks like mayonnaise, but doesn’t taste all that great. When I made it using canola oil and white vinegar, it was mouth-breakingly gross. What I’m wondering is whether that’s just how homemade mayonnaise tastes, or if I’ve screwed it up somehow. Having never had homemade mayonnaise prepared by someone who knew what they were doing, I have no frame of reference. Everyone agrees that store bought mayo tastes nothing like homemade, so I was expecting a difference, but I’m not at all sure whether the difference I’ve created is the right one. Bah. Best case, I’ve made mayonnaise and determined that homemade mayo is not for me. Worst case, I’ve made some horrible affront to everything that man has been striving for since we took our first steps on dry land. I’ll just have to keep trying, maybe. Different oils, different acids, see if I can eventually come up with a combination I can love. I also made this one using my Kitchenaid stand mixer instead of the blender or food processor that most people use to make homemade mayo. Maybe that was part of the problem? Too slow, too fast, the beater wasn’t hitting enough of the mixture to get it combined properly? You would think that would be obvious by the lack of combining, though. Now I’m just grasping at straws. What I really need is to try some properly homemade mayonnaise so I can see if I like it in the first place. If I do, then I can keep working until I get there. If I don’t, I can give up on this and try to make some entirely different sort of sauce.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. Time to go eat some eggs. Thanks for reading!


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