Day 21

Breakfast was some more scrambled eggs and the last of the sausage I’d cooked up. I put a splash of pastured whole milk in the eggs, along with the butter in the pan and they turned out really well.

Lunch involved a trip to KFC, which I’m not sure that i’ll do again. They have the grilled chicken, which is why we went, but none of the food was very good. The chicken was really dry, the only “veggie” option they even have on the menu at our KFC is corn, and their meal options are just silly. It may be that it’s a Kentaco Fried Bell, so they had to minimize menu options for simplicity’s sake, but even so. Anyway. I ate a grilled chicken breast and a couple spoons of corn. Not the best, but it was enough to hold me until dinner.

For dinner, i tried to make something a little new. I went down to the freezer and grabbed a cut of meat I’ve never really messed with before. The tri-tip. I poked around online and people said grilling was the best way to go for it. They were wrong. At the very least, grilling it the way I grilled it didn’t work out very well. My first pass ended up being almost charred on the outside and still full-on raw on the inside. This is after giving it plenty of time to come to room temperature and everything. I think next time I attempt this one, it will be wrapped in foil and in the oven on low for a nice long time. Maybe the crock pot. Anyway, once I pulled it off the grill and saw that the middle was still raw, I cut it into slices and put them back on the grill for a minute or two on each side just to get them cooked through. They weren’t terrible, but just not as good as what I normally grill for us. Alas. Learning is in order. For side dishes, I made some broccoli sprinkled with cheese and some onions sauteed in butter. It was all quite good.

I also had the last of the blueberries with some cashews for a midafternoon snack and a packet of applesauce for dessert. The packets of applesauce are more about emptying the packets so I can use them as alcohol stove fuel containers for backpacking trips than they are about the actual applesauce, but they make a decent little treat.

So there we go! Three weeks of paleo eating, complete. Tomorrow morning, we measure!


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