Midday and Evening – Day 20

More work on the house today. If that sort of thing interests you, you can check it out here: Mr. Homeowner, Tear Down This Wall

Lunch was another quick salad from Wendy’s while we were working. I got the Apple Pecan again, and used my new Braggberry dressing on it. It was definitely good, but maybe a little too strong on the vinegar side. I’m starting to think about trying to make my own dressings and whatnot, so we’ll see how far I take that. I got everything I need to make some Paleo Mayo, so I’m definitely going to give that a try. I’m hoping I’m more successful with that than I was last time I tried. Once I get that down, it opens up a lot of dressings and sauces for me, so I’m really hoping I can get it right.

For dinner we went to a Zombie Squad BBQ with a bunch of old friends and met a lot of new members, to boot. Loads of fun, and there was plenty of good paleo food there. The host, Kris, lost a load of weight doing the Slow Carb diet from Tim Ferriss’ book The Four Hour Body. He found it tough to maintain, though. So now, since I’m doing my paleo thing and a couple other friends of our are doing their paleo thing, he’s picked up Robb Wolf’s book and is giving it a go. I’m pretty excited for him. I think he’ll like paleo a lot more, even though it’s similar to slow carb. For one, it promotes variety instead of repetition. Slow Carb advises you to pick a few meals and just repeat them every day to make it easier to prepare them and all. The danger there, obviously, is boredom, and also that if you pick one meat and one veggie you eat almost every day for lunch, you risk getting too much of whatever nutrients are in those foods while missing out on any good stuff that isn’t. You can also work yourself up to an unhealthy level of antinutrients, depending on the foods you’ve chosen. Variety in the diet is a big key in maximizing your nutrition, minimizing boredom, and making sure you don’t end up with goiters or some weirdness.

While there, I ate a bratwurst and a couple pieces of chicken, as well as a pretty hefty serving of veggies from the veggie tray. It just nailed home how much I need to figure out a good paleo-friendly raw veggie dip, though. Raw veggies are fine on their own, but they’re sort of drying to my mouth or something. Whatever it is, I don’t mind the flavors so much, but I just get very tired of eating them after a short time. With even a little dip, that doesn’t seem to happen. The mayo should be a big step in that direction.

That’s it for Saturday. Thanks for reading!


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