Evening – Day 19

Had to work late tonight, so dinner was rushed. I ate some more of those meatballs, but also hit them with some Chipotle Tabasco and that was really good. No idea what it is, but I absolutely love chipotle flavor. I’ve probably mentioned that. It’s sort of a recent thing, but I’ve been craving it like crazy. The best way I could think of to get that flavor was the Tabasco and it turned out to be delicious. So that’s good. I’m also going to try to get myself some proper peppers, so I can start adding them to burgers and whatnot. The thing I really want to do is to make some paleo mayonnaise with chipotle peppers in it. I think that would make an amazing sauce for burgers and such. anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Dinner. So anyway, dinner was the meatballs with Tabasco and some blueberries with the remaining paleo whipped cream. So tasty. I think that’s it. Not too much else to report, really. I was supposed to grab dinner with my wife and one of her coworkers who is interested in learning more about paleo eating, but the coworker’s husband broke his foot and had to go to the hospital. Bad news for sure, so we’ll let him heal up and then we’ll give it another try. Thanks for reading!


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