Morning – Day 19

So it’s Thursday, which means it’s my measuring day. Wait, it’s Friday? Dammit. Well I measured today anyway. So there.

  • Weight: 234.0
  • Omron Body Fat: 23.3%
  • Fat Mass: 54.5
  • Lean Mass: 179.5
  • Waist: 38.5″
  • Chest Pinch: 17mm
  • Superailiac Pinch: 21mm
  • Thigh Pinch: 22mm
  • Total Pinches: 43

Okay, now for the explanation. The Omron is more variable than I thought it would be based on my initial testing. It seems to give similar numbers when used multiple times in the same session, but it can change pretty drastically throughout the day. I know my actual body fat isn’t changing that much, so it has to be other factors. But I’m not using it as an actual body fat measurer, I’m just using it to mark trends (this is me telling me, not me telling you). And hopefully I’ll start seeing some over the next few weeks. I also saw another bit of decrease in waist size, and my pants and belt are now all fitting much more loosely. That’s definitely a trend I like to see. I also busted out my new calipers and took some self measurements. I know they’re not going to be great, but I’m going to try to do my best with them. I’m not going to use them to calculate body fat, since I know they’ll give me wacky results. I’m just going to track the numbers themselves, and will use them as their own datapoints.

Breakfast was…oh yeah, I forgot to eat it. Dangit. I’ll call it intermittent fasting, I guess. It was going to be some boiled eggs and some of the sausage I made up yesterday. I’ll just take it back home and eat it tomorrow.


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