Midday – Day 19

Lunch today was some shrimp and some Brussels sprouts, followed with some blueberries and some 85% cocoa dark chocolate. It’s Friday, and I felt very much like a treat. It’s actually kind of nice that the things I eat as treats now aren’t bad or even just “not bad” for me, but are actually good for me. There’s some sugar and stuff in there, but overall, they’re a positive to my health with all the antioxidants and such.

The shrimp was ab it of an experiment, like I said. I got a bag of frozen, cooked, peeled, de-veined shrimp from Costco. I put them in a steamer bag with some butter, garlic and Old Bay this morning, and then cooked them up for lunch at work. I think I’ll want to thaw them out next time, though. They ended up putting off a ton of water from the ice that had melted off of them and diluted the butter and seasonings. Still, very tasty and super easy. Those steamer bags are amazing. I’m really loving them for veggies, but I think they might work for me for other stuff, too. I dunno. maybe there’s really no difference between steaming in those and steaming in a tupper with the corner popped open. Either way, I’m pleased with them. When they run out, I’ll get creative.


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