Evening – Day 18

I wanted to experiment with my paleo whipped cream tonight, so the meal actually started with paleo whipped cream and blueberries. So very tasty. Here’s what I did. I took the pastured heavy cream, a packet of stevia, and a splash of vanilla extract (used what we had, though I’ll be ordering some vanilla-flavored stevia soon) and put them all in the small bowl of my food processor. I mixed them up until they started to whip up and got the right texture. It took maybe a couple of minutes. I used a small amount of cream since this was a test batch, and got maybe two servings out of it. i could do more, but homemade whipped cream tends ot be a bit delicate. I’ll probably just keep the cream in the carton and make a few servings whenever the mood strikes me. What would be very helpful would be a stick blender, since I hear those are fantastic for this sort of thing, and it much easier to clean up than the 6 pieces of my food processor that get dirty every time I use it.

The meal proper is some of my wife’s leftover steak from our dinner out a few nights ago, and some buttery green beans. Delicious!


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