Morning – Day 18

Morningtimes again! Weight was at 234.4 and my body fat was up again. I’m thinking that maybe I need to start testing bodyfat once per week or maybe every 3-4 days instead of every day. It’s just too variable to give me a useful trend when I do it too often. I’m struggling with a lack of accurate data. I really like having numbers to look at and play with. Still, I can also get frustrated or disappointed with inaccurate numbers, thinking they’re telling me I’m doing something wrong, when really they’re just reflecting natural cycles in my body.

So, here’s my plan. Weigh in, waist measurement and body fat on Mondays and Thursdays in the morning, after potty time and before breakfast time. That may not be the very best time to get my maximum accurate results, but it’s the time I have control over most consistently. I only have a few more weeks to go before my 30 days is up, so I should be able to survive with my minimum data for that long.

Breakfast this morning was some eggs with a little grated cheese and some of my new breakfast sausage. I ended up trying to do too much at once (again) and the eggs got slightly overdone and the sausage ended up pretty good but not great. I did split it out into 8-oz portions and stuck them in individual bags in the freezer though, so they should be easy to portion out and cook up. Each one should be enough for me for 2-3 days, which is just about right. I’m working on all my meal preps, trying to cook enough for 3-4 servings at a time and then just plowing through leftovers for at least 1-2 meals per day. Right now it’s pretty unstructured, but it’s working well.

So anyway, there you go. Almost 2/3 through my 30-day trial and still learning how best to handle all this stuff. I’m still definitely making progress in a few very real but unfortunately inexact ways. I feel great, I’m sleeping well, my clothes are fitting better, my face is looking thinner, etc. Everything’s going the right way on all of that stuff.


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