Midday – Day 18

Lunch was a very tasty combination of some chicken meatballs, some buttered asparagus and some blueberries. I got some meatballs from Sunflower, and they were actually pretty good. Makes me think that meatballs as a convenience food I can make and then freeze myself would be a pretty viable meal option. The asparagus was also good. I’m trying to mix up my veggies a bit, so I’m not just eating spinach and/or broccoli every day. Gotta get a good mix going so I don’t lose out on any micronutrients or overload on various antinutrients before my body can flush them out. That’s something I’ve always struggled with, though. Variety hasn’t been huge in my diet at any point, but I’m really trying to make it a much more common feature these days.


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