Midday – Day 17

Remember those Steam Bags I told you about? Yeah, turns out I love them even more. I can put a load of veggies and some butter into one, store it in the work fridge, and then it makes a super handy prep later on. Just pop into the microwave for 3-4 minutes and I have perfectly buttery veggies for lunch. It was awesome. I’m definitely going to be doing that again. I had broccoli today, but I’ll be doing it with a ton of different things, I’m thinking. This just makes fresh veggies far too easy to prepare not to make it a major part of my lunchtime repertoire. It also claims to be able to cook shrimp, but I may try that one at home to see if it makes the entire house smell of shellfish. My poor wife will probably protest, but she generally forgives me for my nonsense.

I also had the remaining Costco brisket today, and it was good. makes me want to work out how to do my own, for sure. Sauces seem like they’ll be a challenge, but I’m thinking I can make a roux out of nut flour and pastured butter and still come up with a decent gravy. I’m going to have to start experimenting. I will keep you posted on how it goes for me.


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