Mid-Morning – Day 17

Just a quick check-in here. Eating my breakfast of bacon and boiled eggs at about 10AM. I just haven’t really been hungry. I know I need to start eating earlier, and I’m going to make an effort to do so. Probably as soon as I wake up, I’ll try to eat something. Maybe relax a bit, do some dishes, etc, then get to my workout. A schedule would greatly improve my compliance with various things, for sure.

Also, my workout this morning may bear a bit of explanation. Tabata means 20 seconds of max effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. It’s a protocol I learned about during an urban adventure race last year, and I really like it a lot. Your heart gets pumping like crazy because you’re just moving your body as fast as you can, whatever movement you’re doing. You end up working your muscles harder than you would be able to otherwise as well, because the rests keep you from fatiguing too early. It’s a great system, and I highly recommend it (as does Robb Wolf, in his book).  You can do it with just about anything, really. I tend to do pushups, free squats, bicycle crunches, etc. You could also do planks, wall sits, pull-ups, dips, etc. Pretty much anything you can do with enough intensity to really get your blood moving. When I clear a space in the garage, I’m going to add jump rope tabata to my regular routine.

So anyway, this morning, I did a tabata for pushups (attempted, more like) and one for what I’m going to call “free swings”. A free swing is sort of like a free squat, but instead of just squatting up and down, you use your hips to drive yourself up and forward, clenching your butt with each rep. It’s just like a kettlebell swing, but without the kettlebell. I started out just doing regular free squats, but figured out pretty quickly that my butt was getting ignored. Nobody puts Baby in a corner, so I added the swing aspect to it, and it worked well. I then attempted to do some pushups. It didn’t work super well, unfortunately. My dog decided that directly under my chest was the best place to hang out, so I had to keep trying to maneuver around her during my pushups. It wasn’t ideal. At least this time she didn’t try to maul my face with kisses like she normally does when I do pushups. I also noticed that I was getting a bit of a weird twinge in my right arm while doing my pushups, so I tried some different hand positions and whatnot and was able to mostly minimize it. I’m thinking that maybe an elevated platform that I can grip on the sides, or some kind of other grippable surface might help. I’ll experiment with it.


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