Evening – Day 17

Before dinner, I grabbed the Omron again to see what it said. Came up with 21.8% this time. Now I don’t know which numbers to trust for that one. I suppose I’m still +/- .5% or so with it, more or less, and that it a heck of a lot closer than +/- 3% or whatever it is between methods.

we went out to Chili’s for dinner with friends, and I got a bacon cheeseburger with no bun and a side of broccoli. I also finished up much of Jenna’s chicken breast. All very tasty, and the bill at the end of the night was much, much nicer. $25 for both of us, including tax and tip. I could cook for less at home, certainly, but that’s a much better price for a night out than the $40 minimum it seems like we usually have when we order steak.

I also hit up a couple of stores last night on the way home from work. Here’s some good news: Sunflower has pasture-raised heavy cream. Booyah. That, combined with some stevia I also got there, may make for a decent paleo whipped cream to go with my blueberries. I do love me some berries and cream. I also got some chipotle salsa. I’ve determined that the chiopotle flavor is my favorite kind of spicy, so I’m going to try to work it into some things. I’m also going to go get some actual chipotle peppers and maybe mix it into my burgers or something. Not sure, but I’ll figure it out. I also got some more Bragg dressing. When it comes to real food, those people do it up right. They have a berry medley dressing that I’m thinking would work quite well with that Wendy’s salad I keep getting. I like everything about the salad, except the soy and junk that’s in the dressing. I’ll also probably phase out the candied pecans for some walnuts or something. It ends up being a salad that takes a little prep at home, but less than making one from scratch, for sure. Sunflower also had Ghiradelli 100% Cocoa dark chocolate, so I had to get a bar to try. I may not like it, but I’ll give it a go. Costco had blueberries, canned asparagus, and a 2-dozen egg pack.

We shut off our Royal Crest service, partly because the only thing we were buying from them was eggs, and we can get the same or better eggs for a better price from all the stores we have to go to anyway. Costco’s Kirkland brand brown eggs are cage free, organic vegetarian-fed, no hormones, etc. Good, solid quality eggs. I’d love to find some eggs that are actually pastured, but short of getting to know my local farmers (something I should do, but haven’t done yet) I don’t know that I can get there. The Costco eggs aren’t specifically Omega-3 enriched, I don’t think. I also got a dozen Eggland’s Best cage free eggs from Sunflower, and they say they have Omega 3s in them, but I’m not sure whether it’s more than is in a regular egg. bah. There’s also a variety of Eggland’s Best that is specifically an Omega 3 egg, so I may have to see about that. I like to buy cage free if i can, even though that term can mean most anything in the industry. I even think they can say “cage free” and mean “they’re free from the stress of being outside a cage” or whatever. Kinda crazy. But if the FDA or USDA regulated “cage free” the producers would just come up with another term that sounds like what they want it to sound like but that doesn’t quite fit under any regulated terms. It’s how it all works. So anyway, I keep buying cage free and hoping that it means the chickens are in better conditions than those “Abu Ghraib” eggs you see at Wal-Mart.

I also spent a little time at Costco poking around their fish oil supplements. If you’re getting the feeling that i spent a lot of time shopping, you’re right. Anyway, I was looking for pills with a good solid dose of EPA and DHA, but without any gnarly ingredients like soybean oil or whatever else. I found one brand that looked pretty clean, but it was quite a bit more expensive. The pills were also much smaller, but with the same doses of stuff in them than the ones we’re working through currently. i think it may have even been the same dose in one small pill as what was in two larger pills. That’s nicer when you’re trying to take significant doses. At some point I’ll probably go in there with a notepad and write down the brands, the doses, the price and then come home and make up a spreadsheet that shows the price per unit of EPA or something. Because I’m a nerd.

I spend so much more time now looking at labels than I ever thought i would. It’s also frustrating because the Nutrition Info label guidelines are really crappy. They don’t have to disclose a whole lot of stuff on there if it’s under a certain amount per serving. But if you’re planning to use 2-3 servings for a whole recipe, it might be a significant amount at that point.They also don’t have to list things in a way that the average person actually knows what they’re reading, which sucks. They can use sneaky terms to hide the real content of the food from you. I’m no big fan of regulation on business because i think this is exactly what happens. You get just enough so that you feel like you’re being protected but without actually getting enough to BE protected. Very frustrating. Either regulate it to the point where i know exactly what’s in my food and can make informed decisions, or leave them alone and I’ll have to go do my own research. That’s what ends up happening anyway, but the compliance costs increase the price of the products, so I’m paying for a crappy system that doesn’t work. Bah. Now I’ve gone and gotten myself wound up. I’ll cuddle my puppy until the anger sharks stop swimming in my head.

So there we go. That was my adventure.


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