Day 15 – Halloween!

Not a single piece of candy all day. The closest I came was a Larabar and a piece of fruit leather for dessert after dinner.

So I’m in Vegas for Halloween, right? Let’s just say, things got a little crazy. By which I mean my wife and I slept almost the entire day, and the rest of our time was spent reading and watching TV in the hotel room. Wild, we are. It was actually really nice to be able to relax so completely. We had nowhere to be and nothing to do, and that is never the case at home. Normally, as i think I’ve mentioned, I sleep about 6-7 hours a night. That’s enough to keep me functioning at a very good level all day, but it’s probably not ideal for health. Robb Wolf recommends sleeping “as much as you can without getting divorced or fired” for optimum health. Just how much did I sleep this weekend? I don’t know. Probably 24+ hours over the course of two nights and one day. We slept a lot. It’s not my normal idea of a good time, but I think after the stress of travel, it was exactly what I needed. My wife is still building a human, so she needs all the sleep she can get.

What about food, though? Well, for breakfast we went to the MGM Grand buffet and got some pretty tasty foods. I got bacon, sausage, eggs, and some kind of roast beef, and then followed it up with a plate of spinach salad that included boiled egg crumbles, ham crumbles and some Thousand Island dressing. I know, probably not good. Still, if I’m going to eat some nasty soybean oil dressing, I’d rather eat the one that I actually enjoy. I keep thinking that I need to spend some time at home learning to make paleo-friendly versions of various dressings and desserts. Speaking of desserts, I actually had some watermelon sorbet. I’m thinking that may be something I can make up at home, or at least something similar. I also have an idea for how to make paleo-friendly whipped cream. I just need to source some pastured heavy cream and I’m well on my way.

Breakfast happened late in the day since we slept so late, and “lunch” was actually dinner at In-N-Out. My wife is from southern California, so any time she gets a chance to have some In-N-Out burgers, she’s all over it. I got my Double Double “Protein Style” which basically means it’s wrapped in lettuce instead of bread. It worked out pretty well. That reminds me that some of my favorite sandwich shops also offer this option, and I may need to look into it.

That was about it for food, really. I slept so much I didn’t really get hungry at all. Not really the most exciting day ever, but very restful. Any day I get to spend interacting with nobody but my wife is a good day in my book, too. We have such a great time together.

Back home tomorrow! Can’t wait to see my dog and my grill and my fridge again. Vacation is nice, but I love home more than anything.


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