Morning – Day 12

Got up and split out my bacon. No, that’s not a euphemism for…whatever that would be. No, I split my giant packs on bacon into smaller packs of bacon. I put enough in each freezer bag to pretty well fill a cookie sheet, since that’s how I cook my bacon. Oh, I didn’t tell you how i cook my bacon? let me do that.

I take a half-sheet pan and cover it in heavy duty foil. This just makes cleanup so much easier. Then, you have a choice. You can cook the bacon directly on the foil, so it kinda fries in its own juices, or you can use a cooling rack that fits inside the pan and cook the bacon on that. The fat will drip off (you’ll still have plenty of fat, don’t worry) onto the foil below. Either way works, really. My general rule of thumb is that I cook high quality bacon directly on the foil since the fat is good stuff, and I cook the lower quality bacon on the cooling rack, since the fat is less good. No idea whether that even makes any sense, but there you go.

So now you lay out your bacon onto the pan or rack, according to your desires (I’m pretty sure that desire is one of the creepiest words ever. Try to incorporate it into your daily conversation and you’ll see what I mean.) in a single layer. It can get crowded, depending on your pan and how much bacon you have,  so adjust the spacing accordingly. Preheat your oven to 400ºF. Now you can put the bacon in there. i usually check on it after 8-10 minutes, and flip them over with a pair of tongs. Once you flip, how much longer you cook it will depend entirely on how you like your bacon. Another 2 minutes will mean floppier bacon. Another 5 minutes will mean extra crispy. Just keep your eye on it. I tend to like my bacon a little less well done. I overcooked the Niman Ranch stuff I bought last week and it was still good, but it could have been much better.

There you go. Bacon. I had two strips of bacon and two boiled eggs. That’s quickly becoming my breakfast of choice. Not every day, but probably a couple times a week, anyway.

Oh hey, I almost forgot! Weighed in at 235 even today. The weight is still heading down, I’m still on my second belt hole, and the Webbers told me last night that my face is looking thinner. So those are all very good trends. I even did a little exercise last night. Not a ton, mind you, but a little. I carried ten 25-pound boxes of tile up the stairs. So that’s something. Definitely felt it in my wind, but my muscles weren’t complaining. I really need to get back to doing something more regularly, though. I don’t want to lose all my fat just to find out that I have no muscle underneath. That would be lame.


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